Traveling to the Philippines? Elevate your connectivity experience with Globe’s new Prepaid Traveler eSIM

If you’re traveling to the Philippines, mobile leader Globe has exactly what you need to stay connected.  Globe is redefining the travel connectivity landscape with the introduction of its prepaid Traveler eSIM. This innovative solution promises international visitors an effortless and cost-effective way to stay seamlessly connected from the instant they set foot in the […]

Globe transforms prepaid mobile experience with digital-only eSIM

Globe is introducing the fully digital eSIM experience this September. This transformative offering gets rid of the hassles of obtaining and handling physical SIM cards, ushering in a new era where activating and managing mobile services is as simple as a few taps on a screen.  Globe’s prepaid eSIM will be available by the end […]

Shift to an eco-conscious lifestyle with Globe eSIM and Eco-SIM

Globe encourages its customers to further support sustainable living and contribute to reversing environmental damage through two eco-friendly subscriber identification module (SIM) options –  the eSIM and Eco-SIM.   With its very small size, the effect of SIM cards on the environment may seem insignificant.  However, their combined weight represents an estimated 20,000 tons of […]

Smart offers seamless eSIM conversion at all Smart Stores nationwide

As part of its thrust to provide a world-class customer experience to Filipino mobile users, leading mobile services provider Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) is now offering eSIM conversion among all Smart Signature subscribers at all Smart Stores nationwide.   An eSIM is an embedded chip inside a smartphone or an Apple device that enables subscribers […]