Product In Focus: 128GB massive storage of vivo Y17s at affordable price

Smartphones have evolved beyond their basic function of communication. They have transformed into indispensable tools that manage various aspects of lives, serving as personal assistants, entertainment hubs, and gateways to the digital world.  Amid these advancements, a persistent issue plagues many users – the constant battle against limited storage space. Everyone has experienced the dreaded […]

Stylish vivo Y17s now comes with 6GB+128GB variant

MANILA, PHILIPPINES, February 16, 2024 – Following the success of the initial launch of the vivo Y17s featuring 4GB RAM and 128GB ROM in October 2023, vivo is thrilled to unveil an upgraded variant. The latest iteration of the vivo Y17s now has 6GB RAM and still features a large storage capacity of 128GB. Priced […]

Inspired by nature’s beauty: Exploring artistic depths of upcoming vivo V30 Series

With renders flooding the internet about the upcoming vivo V30 Series, have you ever wondered about the stories behind these artistic designs?  Prepare to delve into the enchanting narratives woven into the vibrant hues of the vivo V30 Series, where innovation dances harmoniously with the wonders of the natural world.  Let’s embark on a captivating […]

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with vivo Y27s and its bokeh flare portrait

MANILA, PHILIPPINES, February 14, 2024 – As February unfolds its arms, embracing everyone with the warmth of love, hearts flutter with anticipation for Valentine’s Day, the celebration of affection and connection.  In this month of love, there’s an inherent desire to capture the moments that make our hearts skip a beat, to immortalize the essence […]

vivo’s AI BlueLM: Breakthrough in Smartphone Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a game-changer in the smartphone industry, transforming phones into smart devices that understand and cater to users’ needs.  As a leading global smartphone brand, vivo is at the forefront of this innovation, developing its own AI system, BlueLM, that powers its upcoming flagship phone, the vivo V30 Pro. What is […]

Capturing Love with vivo: Get limited-edition V Friends Key Chain gift set

Make the season of endearment extra special with the “Love, vivo” promo. Embrace the joy of togetherness by snapping a picture with your loved ones using your new vivo smartphone and stand a chance to win the limited-edition V Friends Key Chain gift set. Running from February 11 to 20, 2024, the “Love, vivo” promo […]

Product In Focus: 44W fast-charging in vivo Y27s, Y27

For those constantly on the move or immersed in busy schedules, the ability to charge phones quickly is not just a luxury but a necessity. Thankfully, the vivo Y27s and Y27 excel at fast charging in their price range.  The vivo Y27s and Y27 redefine efficiency, offering a charging experience that caters to the fast-paced […]

Vibe with vivo V29 Series success, get hyped for V30 Series

The dynamic landscape of the Philippines, rich in multicultural diversity and a burgeoning market, has witnessed a standout player in the mobile industry – vivo.  Renowned for its superior product quality and strategic market positioning, vivo has taken center stage, with the V29 Series making significant strides in the Philippine market, capturing the attention of […]

Product In Focus: vivo Y36 5G’s 240Hz Gaming Touch Sampling Rate

Mobile gaming is thriving in the modern digital world as a favorite pastime for many. Far from being just a hobby, it offers numerous advantages for users. It extends beyond mere entertainment, providing benefits such as enhanced cognitive functions, improved focus, development of social skills, and an expanded capacity for learning. With a growing community […]

Wrapping up holidays with vivo’s last draw of Christmas Make A Wish promo

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – vivo is putting an end to the festive season with the final draw of their Christmas Make A Wish promo. The fourth batch of winners was posted on vivo’s official Facebook page on February 1st. The last batch of winners were able to turn their holiday wishes into reality by bringing home […]