Bring on the Sunshine: vivo Makes Summer Vacays Brighter for its Fans

With pro-grade cameras to enormous storage, vivo smartphones are the perfect vacation must-haves Manila, Philippines, February 27, 2023: Summer is just around the corner– meaning warm breeze, beach trips, days at the pool, staycations, and a whole lot of sunscreen are coming our way before we know it. If you’re one of the few who […]

It’s always the exciting part with the vivo Y35’s 44W charge and big storage!

Manila, Philippines, November 2 2022 – The suspenseful music comes to a halt. The main character and their love interest stand face-to-face–a long awaited confrontation. Tears begin to form in your eyes as they profess their undying love for one another. He leans in, she closes her eyes, you prepare to squeal your heart out […]

vivo unveils vivo Y35, the fastest charging entry-level smartphone with bigger and expandable storage

PHILIPPINES, SEPTEMBER 9, 2022: vivo, a global technology brand, officially unveils today another powerful yet affordable smartphone – the vivo Y35.  As the newest addition to the Y Series line-up, the vivo Y35 amps up the expectations from an entry level smartphone to new heights.  Through this latest launch, vivo is materializing its vision to […]

Keep up with city’s fast-paced life in a flash with vivo’s quick-boosting smartphone coming this September, the vivo Y35

PHILIPPINES, SEPTEMBER 06, 2022: Keeping up with the city life can be a challenge as everything needs to be fast–the food, your transpo, your internet connection, and so much more. Thus, it is essential to plan ahead and grab the best partner to achieve more and keep up with this demanding lifestyle, quick as a flash. […]

vivo gives Filipinos a blazing flash this September with the upcoming release of vivo Y35

PHILIPPINES, SEPTEMBER 2, 2022: Filipinos now, the Gen Z’s specifically, are deemed to be always on-the-go and have a fast-paced, dynamic lifestyle so a smartphone that can meet their needs is a must. From connecting with one another via all-in-one communication apps to browsing websites, playing games, listening to music, streaming movies and TV series, and […]