TP-Link’s Top Tech Gifts for Everyone This Holiday Season

Makati, Philippines – TP-Link recognizes that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to tech needs. That’s why the leading innovator of connectivity and home solutions has meticulously curated the ultimate gift list that will bring smiles to loved ones this holiday – Whether it’s a present for the tech guru, smart home manager, […]

Slim, Sleek, and Powerful: Introducing TP-Link’s Archer Air R5 and E5

MANILA, Philippines – With the opening of TP-Link’s first physical store in the Philippines, Filipinos can now get their hands on the latest and most innovative Wi-Fi technology entering the market.  As a veteran in the global networking and connectivity solutions and services, TP-Link has consistently proven that it is a reputable leader in the […]

TP-Link’s Archer AX12: Your Next-Generation Router

MANILA, Philippines – TP-Link, the leading innovator in networking solutions worldwide, is set to raise the bar once again through the release of its latest product, the Archer AX12. As the brand’s top-of-the-line next-generation router, the Archer AX12 is engineered to meet the ever-evolving needs of today’s connected households and businesses. In a world where […]

TP-Link Unveils Its First Store in the Philippines!

MANILA, Philippines – For fans of TP-Link, great news! The world-renowned networking and connectivity solutions provider now has its first physical store in the country. As its first entry into the Philippines, this marks an exciting chapter for Filipino consumers and tech enthusiasts.  For 12 years straight, TP-Link has stayed a trusted leader in the […]