Top 7 Reasons Why the TCL P7 Series Direct Drive+ Topload Washing Machine is a Game-Changer for Your Laundry Routine

Washing clothes can seem like a never-ending task, whether you’re doing it for one person or an entire family. It takes up most of your time that you tend to lose some quality time with your loved ones and do your other important tasks. TCL, the leading consumer electronics brand and the world’s top two […]

5 Ways Switching to the Samsung Topload Washing Machine Is the Smart Choice for Your Home

The average size of a Filipino family is four people per household. Since Filipinos are tight-knit, any household can expand over time as they welcome other relatives, new spouses, and newborns.  A standard washing machine isn’t enough to cater to an expanding household’s laundry. A bigger family means more clothes to clean, which also translates […]