Globe blocks more URLs, domains promoting child pornography

Leading digital solutions platform Globe continues to step up its campaign against illegal sites carrying child pornography content and online gambling, blocking 11,320 URLs and 502 domains hosting lewd content, as well as 194 domains of illegal gambling since the start of the year.    Since it launched the #MakeITSafePH initiative in 2017, Globe has […]

Globe waives data charges on UNICEF’s SaferKidsPH platform to boost fight against online child exploitation

Globe is giving its customers free access to UNICEF’s SaferKidsPH platform, in line with efforts to democratize information on proper data protection and reporting cases, when witnessed, as well as curb online sexual abuse and exploitation of children (OSAEC).   When visiting the SaferKidsPH online platform,  Globe and TM customers will not incur any data […]

Globe, Pinas Forward educate over 2,000 students on cybersafety

With the rising risks and dangers of the online world, Globe partnered with social movement Pinas Forward (PF) to guide students around the country on ways to protect themselves from numerous threats posed by the Internet.   Just this past month, over 2,000 students joined Pinas Forward’s free webinar E-ligtas: Blocking The Dangers of the […]