Unlock SSR Privaty: Unkind Maid and SSR Ade in Goddess of Victory: NIKKE Perfect Maid Update

MANILA, February 8, 2023 –  The Perfect maid update unveils the latest Goddess of Victory: NIKKE characters SSR Privaty: Unkind Maid and SSR Ade, serving on February 5th, 2024. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, recruit Ade, the perfect maid and Privaty, who together with Drake, mistakenly fired a grenade toward Maid Cafe.

Unleash the power of Privaty as she wields a shotgun with increasing hit rates after each attack. The more pellets she hits, the more frequently she can use her skills. Meanwhile Ade, the perfect maid from Maid For You, will support your squad by dispelling debuffs from allies and increasing Max HP and ATK. 

NIKKE Profile – SSR Privaty: Unkind Maid

Class: Attacker

Weapon: Demanding Lover (SG)

Code: Electric

Manufacturer: Elysion

NIKKE Profile – SSR Ade

Class: Supporter

Weapon: The Classic (AR)

Code: Wind

Manufacturer: Tetra Line

The Perfect Maid version brings new Nikkes, costumes, story events and a variety of activities. Don’t forget to visit Maid Cafe, which is on the verge of bankruptcy, and receive a heartfelt gift!

For the full list of February 5 updates, see here. More information can be found on the official website.

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