Logitech launches Wave Keys ergonomic wireless keyboard designed for well-being and productivity at an affordable price

MANILA, Philippines – December 1, 2023 – If you’ve ever considered getting an ergonomic keyboard to guard your health and boost your productivity, now is the right time to do it. Logitech, the world leader in PC peripherals, has just rolled out the Wave Keys, an ergonomic wireless keyboard that doesn’t break the bank. 

The new Logitech Waves Keys address the need for well-being and comfort at the desk.  Wave Keys features a signature wave design in a compact layout for comfier typing that does not require relearning how to type, as well as an integrated cushioned palm rest for day-long support. 

Wave Keys’ unique wave shape places hands, wrists, and forearms in a natural typing position, and the integrated cushioned palm rest gives more wrist support throughout the day. Its compact layout fits many home or office desks, with three classic colorways to complement your workspace setup – Graphite, Off-White, and Rose (Rose available in 2024 in select markets).

Wave Keys support a more natural hand and wrist position while typing, which leads to less strain and soreness. You can type for hours without the pain in your wrists or fingers. The Wave Keys aren’t just about comfort; it can also increase productivity. 

By allowing for a more comfortable typing experience, users can work longer and more productively without the usual wrist fatigue. 

You’ll love its key features:

  • Unique Wave Shape: The compact, wavy design places hands, wrists, and forearms in a natural typing position for feel-good typing all day long.
  • Cushioned Palmrest: Three layers including memory foam, high-density foam, and a knitted fabric wrapping give more wrist support and less pressure throughout the day.
  • Compact Layout: The compact frame fits on most desks and places your shoulders in a more natural position while using your mouse.
  • Smoother Days, Your Way: Personalize Wave Keys using the Logi Options+ app to create shortcuts that save time and keep your work flowing.
  • +4° Tilt Legs: Features easy-to-use tilt legs for adjustable comfort.
  • Easy-Switch: Connect up to three devices at once, such as a laptop, tablet, and phone, and easily switch between them with the tap of a button.
  • Dual Connectivity: Connect using the included Logi Bolt receiver or Bluetooth.
  • Long Battery Life: Enjoy up to 3 years of battery life* with the included AAA batteries.
  • Sustainability: Certified carbon neutral and the plastic parts include certified post-consumer recycled plastic: 61% for Graphite and 46% for Off-White.**

Personalized experience

One nifty feature of the Wave Keys is that you can personalize your experience with the Logi Options+ App to assign productivity shortcuts, such as “Do not disturb” to remain focused on your work, and create Smart Actions that save time and keep work flowing, including a one-touch morning routine to help you easily start your day and a relaxing time that provides well-deserved rest throughout the day.

Wave Keys is the latest addition to Logitech’s ERGO Series, alongside Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse and other products for workplace wellbeing, and upholds the company’s human-centered and science-driven approach to product design and experiences. The keyboard was carefully crafted with rounds of user testing including at Logitech’s Ergo Lab and has a stamp of approval from US Ergonomics.

Long-term benefits

The long-term benefits simply cannot be ignored. You could potentially avoid medical issues such as carpal tunnel syndrome or repetitive strain injuries. As individuals of all ages spend more time in front of their computers, ergonomic needs are on the rise with a growth rate of 4.6% over the next seven years, according to the recent published market report by RationalStat.

Changing to the Logitech Wave Keys ergonomic wireless keyboard could be the small change that brings about a big difference in your work experience. For more information about the Wave Keys and other Logitech products, please visit Logitech’s official website.

Available online and at local shops

The Wave Keys are available at all partner retail outlets — PC Express, Silicon Valley, DataBlitz, Octagon, Electroworld, Complink, iTech, Techwarez, GameOne, Interpace Computer Systems, GameXtreme, TTI, DynaQuest PC, Digi-Serv Solutions, Concept Computer, NUTECH, DFE (Davao Futurebright Enterprises), Villman, PCWorx, Abenson, Digistore, and Greenware. 

Visit Shopee, Lazada, or the Logitech website and official Facebook page to learn more.


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