Nissan energizes the EV ecosystem at the 11th Philippine Electric Vehicle Summit

PASAY CITY, Philippines – Nissan Philippines reaffirmed its commitment towards the electrification of the automotive sector in the Philippines as the company co-presented the 11th Philippines Electric Vehicle Summit with the theme “Plug in and Accelerate”, which was held from October 19 to October 21, at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.

Nissan displayed the Nissan LEAF and the Nissan Kicks e-POWER at the event, demonstrating the innovative technologies of the company when it comes to the electrification of their vehicles. The Nissan LEAF particularly highlighted the V2X technology which showcased the bi-directional charging features of the vehicle, showing potential of how the Nissan LEAF can discharge power to other sources.

The Nissan Kicks e-POWER display, on the other hand, highlighted the various components of the engine which showcased the advantages of a hybrid EV. This is an offering of Nissan to those who want to slowly transition to owning full EV.

Reinforcing commitment to Ambition 2030

The participation of Nissan went beyond displaying their line-up of electronic vehicles, as the company had their executives take to the stage to reinforce the Ambition 2030 of Nissan.

Isao Sekiguchi, Nissan ASEAN President and President of Nissan Motor Thailand, shared Nissan’s strategic approach towards its Ambition 2030 of achieving carbon neutrality.

Isao Sekiguchi, the Nissan ASEAN President, and President of Nissan Motor Thailand presented a keynote which underpinned the company’s commitment towards their electrification strategy.

Nissan also arranged a panel entitled “Energizing the EV ecosystem; Advancing an electrified future”, which brought together different industry experts within the sector to facilitate discussions on advancing EV adoption in the country. The members of the panel include Automotive Association of the Philippines President (AAP) Augustus “Joe” Ferreria, Business Development Manager for E-Mobility of Phoenix Contact (SEA) Pte. Ltd. Henry Low, Head of Mobility Infrastructure of AC Mobility Holdings Inc. Carla Buencamino, and Nissan Philippines President Juan Manuel Hoyos. The panel was moderated by mobility expert and influencer, James Deakin.

Energizing the EV Ecosystem. The panel discussion provided insights on how the Philippines can move forward towards its EV adoption ambitions. From L-R: Augustus Ferreria, President of the Automotive Association of the Philippines, Carla Buencamino, Head of Mobility Infrastructure of AC Mobility Holdings Inc., Henry Low, Business Development Manager for E-Mobility of Phoenix Contact (SEA) Pte. Ltd., Juan Manuel Hoyos, Nissan Philippines President, James Deakin, mobility expert and influencer.

The members of the panel provided their assessments on the current situation of the sector, and shared insights on what are changes needed to be done by various industries within the sector to accelerate EV adoption in the country.

“We are determined to help create a carbon-neutral society and accelerate the global effort against climate change. We aim to do this by reducing our environmental impact from our operations to our products, and by collaborating with like-minded organizations to facilitate efforts to advance EV where we are present,” said Isao Sekiguchi, President of Nissan ASEAN and Nissan Motor Thailand.


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