New NVIDIA Studio Driver Release With V-Ray 6 Support ‘In the NVIDIA Studio’

The July NVIDIA Studio Driver releases this week In the NVIDIA Studio with support for the recent Chaos V-Ray 6 for 3ds Max release. This week’s featured In the NVIDIA Studio artist, Brain Lai, showcases how he uses V-Ray (and other RTX-accelerated apps) and a GeForce GPU to take Afternoon Coffee and Waffle from concept to completion, faster.

The latest release from Chaos offers major improvements in workflow tools and saves artists precious time in distributing and generating 3D objects. Creators on NVIDIA GPUs will also benefit from V-Ray GPU improvement, enabling faster Light Cache and a new Device Selector to assign processors to tasks. In fact, by allowing users to specify use of the GPU for the AI denoiser, rendering performance is nearly doubled.

Learn more about the July Studio Driver and Brian’s experience creating Afternoon Coffee and Waffle in this week’s In the NVIDIA Studio blog post, with complementary assets, attached.

Post Author: tipsgeeks