Top 5 Games that support up to 90Hz Refresh Rate

One of the best features of a gaming smartphone is a high refresh rate display. It allows games to run at higher frames per second to give you a better and seamless gaming experience. In this article, we played on the ROG Phone to find the best games that support up to 90 Hz refresh rate. Check out the video to see quick gameplay and the max refresh rate supported then head on to the rest of the article for the download link!


  1. VAINGLORY – One of the best MOBA games for Android with the full multi-touch control scheme. They made lots of updates and previously added the joystick controls to cater to other players that are more familiar with the said control scheme. Now, Vainglory recently joined Steam as they entered their cross-platform play to allow players to match up across different platforms. Download it here.
  2. MODERN COMBAT VERSUS – While others enjoy playing FPS game like PUBG or Fornite mobile, we prefer the fast-paced 4v4 action in Modern Combat Versus. The gameplay is rather similar to Overwatch with different game modes and in-game events such as Zone Control, Deathmatch, and many more! The game is also available on Steam, but we are not sure if it shares the same server with mobile. You can download Modern Combat Versus on mobile here.
  3. HONKAI IMPACT 3RD – Can’t find a decent hack and slash game in the Play Store? We got you! Check out Honkai Impact and fight monsters with pretty ladies in their Valkyrie suit! Download it here.
  4. BLACK DESERT MOBILE – The most awaited PC MMORPG ported to mobile, well, still not globally released 🙁 . But hey, you can actually try the Korean version of the game and it’s fun! For us, it has the best graphics and best optimization for a mobile game! Don’t believe us? Then just try it here.
  5. RAGNAROK MOBILE – bring back your childhood memories in this remake of the well-known Ragnarok Online! Released last November, Ragnarok Mobile lets you grind through different maps, hunt MVPs and Mini-Bosses, craft gears, PVP, and almost everything that you can do in the old RO game! Download the game here.

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Among these games, Ragnarok mobile has the lowest supported refresh rate but still better than playing it on a standard 60Hz display smartphone. What are you waiting for? Download now and try these games on your ROG Phone!

Post Author: Patrick