PhilCare Partnered with Samsung to Offer the First NFC Capable Membership Card in the Philippines!

We witnessed the partnership between PhilCare (the leading healthcare provider) and Samsung Electronics Philippines Co. yesterday October 28, 2015 at The Peninsula Hotel, Makati City together with the Press and other bloggers.

Chad Sotelo of Samsung and Noemi Azura of PhilCare

This partnership introduced the first near field communication or NFC-capable membership card designed to make availment of health services from hospitals fastermore efficient, and close to paperless. 

“We are proud to introduce this new technology to the HMO industry. We’ve been looking for the best technology to make medical services smoother and more convenient for our clients and providers and NFC seems to be the perfect fit for this goal,” said Noemi Azura, CEO & President, PhilCare.

PhilCare NFC Card Mock-Up

In most cases, hospitals and clinics require cardholders to fill up forms and contact its HMO provider to verify them before availing the coverage and benefits of a member, so in this case it takes too long and we all don’t want to wait that long with this kind of transaction.

But with the help of NFC-powered PhilCare cards as members only need to hand over their cards to any of the 200 service providers of PhilCare with NFC-capable phones from Samsung. With just a single tap, hospitals and clinics can now determine the coverage and benefits of a member, as well as other details of the member’s account.

Ms. Noemi Azura, CEO & President, PhilCare said that they will going to deploy 2-3 phones each to 200 service providers of Philcare to accommodate their members.

NFC-capable Samsung Phones

“R&D is at the heart of what we do, allowing us to continuously produce innovative products and offer progressive solutions for like-minded, forward looking institutions like PhilCare. Ultimately, it is our goal to enrich the lives of people,” said Chad Sotelo, Corporate Marketing Head, Samsung Electronics Philippines Co.

This new technology is the first of its kind in the Philippine health care industry and allows patient information to be updated in real-time, ensuring quick, efficient, and accurate service.

“We are very excited with this technology and in the future we hope to set up a rewards program for members with the NFC cards,” Azura said.

As a member of an HMO provider here in the Philippines I think this is good news, hopefully other HMO providers will consider this new method to help their members save time and give them easy transactions.

Let us know your thoughts about this new technology PhilCare and Samsung just introduced in the comment below. 🙂

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