Twitter is the homecourt of Filipino sports fans in 2021

Twitter is #WhatsHappening and with sports making a comeback in 2021, conversations on Twitter only skyrocketed. We saw a whopping 3.7 billion Tweets about sports worldwide, surpassing 2020’s total of almost 2.7 billion as people talked about sports. Closer to home, the Southeast Asia region garnered slightly over 95 million sports-related Tweets in 2021, a […]

Holiday Insights: Tweets drive the Holiday cheer (and buys) alive

It’s beginning to look a lot like holidays, as seen on the growing number of holiday-related conversations on Twitter even before December ushers in. Although physical restrictions are still in place, retail, and gifting as a way to welcome and celebrate the holidays now rings truer than ever online and on Twitter.   Twitter’s Holiday […]

Making influencer initiatives purposeful and more beneficial through Twitter’s influencer sponsorship model

Influencers have the ability to reach, inspire, and compel their audiences to listen and follow their recommendations. Unlike advertisements, a word from influencers is not a hard sell, and they have gained the trust of their followers through steady interaction and subtle and engaging content.   In the same vein, Twitter believes in the power […]

Tweets fuel #ShoppingDays as Filipinos search, shop, and share more of their buys in 2021

With just a few clicks and taps, Filipinos can now conveniently and safely shop using their phones. Every month brings excitement and surprises as #ShoppingDays such as 7.7, 8.8, and the upcoming 9.9 sale give the best deals and offers.   The hype on these shopping days rings true on Twitter, the hotspot where people […]