#WeBelong – Twitter celebrates Pride Month 2022

People come to Twitter to connect with their communities, be their authentic and true selves, and talk about what’s happening. On Twitter, conversations about Pride Month grew by 76%* in the past year – from discussing Netflix’s romantic comedy Heartstopper to celebrating courageous moments, the LGBTQIA+ community and allies are showing up for one another […]

A Banner Year for Gaming on Twitter in 2021

The year 2021 was another record-breaking year for gaming chatter on Twitter as it continues to be the go-to place for the gaming community, from game publishers, media, streamers, esports leagues, commentators, and to the players. In fact, 2021 garnered more than 2.4 BILLION Tweets about gaming, up 14% year over year and more than […]

Twitter reveals the Winners for #BestofTweets 2021 Philippines Awards

2021 brought with it new challenges, but also glimmers of hope as the world collectively looked forward to the future. As restrictions were cautiously eased, the nation and businesses also took bigger strides towards recovery. We saw some exceptional work from brands this year, whether it was wowing audiences with sincere campaigns that benefited society […]

Twitter is testing Communities starting today

Starting today; Twitter is testing Communities, a new way to easily interact with people that want to talk about the same things you do, where you can make Twitter feel more like you and feel supported.   Niche communities have always been thriving on Twitter — think Book Twitter, Crypto Twitter, Skincare Twitter, Archaeology Twitter, Swiftie Twitter, and many more. Now, Twitter […]

How Twitter enables Filipinos to find inspiration, community, and information during the pandemic

In these uncertain times, it’s important that we share kindness and right information especially to those who need it. Twitter has played a critical role in keeping Filipinos entertained, connected, and in amplifying authoritative information from credible sources. It is where people get real-time updates first on vaccination drives or quarantine measures and also a […]

#HashtagDay: Celebrating Filipino Communities and Conversations on Twitter

Whether it’s shining a light on global movements and events, connecting people everywhere to like-minded communities or just establishing a direct path to the content you’re most passionate about, it all happens on Twitter thanks to the power of the global cultural phenomenon that has shaped the way we communicate: the hashtag. Born on Twitter […]

Filipinos converse as they consume: How Tweets reflect consumer movement

Whatever is happening, be it as grand as opening a new business or simple joys such as relishing a good cup of coffee, people share it to the world on Twitter. It is where #WhatsHappening and even the most outspoken hot takes unfold, making Twitter the go-to place to see the latest in culture and […]

Twitter celebrates #IWD2021 with #SheInspiresMe campaign

Twitter is home to an incredible array of women voices to find, share and pass on that inspiration to others. Unique, influential, big and small; from leaders in business to entrepreneurs, mothers, daughters, partners and friends. Twitter is the place they come to converse in an authentic way and this #InternationalWomensDay, Twitter is highlighting those […]