Top Budget Gadgets that you can have this Holiday Season

Yuletide Season is here and still struggling on what to get for the tech savvy? You might want to consider our budget gadget ideas on our list below: 1.) Zenfone 5 (Php 7,000) Ofcourse Zenfones are still selling fast but hey, you might want to know the reason why. It is the only smartphone in this […]

ASUS ROG and Transformer Book holiday bundle promo

Looking for great gadget deals this holiday season? You might want to check out the latest ASUS promo bundles, the ROG G750 and Transformer Book T200. Gamers are in for a big treat with the ASUS ROG bundle promo. When you buy a G750 gaming notebook, it now comes with free ASUS VX Series 23” […]

Sony Xperia Z3 Compact: Best Smartphone for the outdoors?

Choosing the right smartphone doesn’t have to be on the specs and features only, you need to also consider the build and how it was designed. To be honest I’ve tried several brands and I can still recall my experiences when I was using them. I learned that for me, as a guy who’s a […]

Philippine Newscaster Korina Sanchez bashed over Typhoon Hagupit comments

Netizens can’t help but express their disappointments over Korina Sanchez for her comments about Typhoon Hagupit that is currently hitting the central part of the Philippines. In the video below, Ms. Korina said on the National TV that the typhoon should hit Japan instead of the Philippines since they are more capable of recovering from […]

Next-Gen Android Smartphones delayed?

When buying a smartphone many of us think that it is not considered “practical” as most companies used to release newer models almost every 4 months. But this time 4 months might be extended furthermore as one of the leading mobile/tablet CPU maker, Qualcomm announced that they are having issues in their latest chipset, the […]

10 Ways on how to treat your woman right and thus your relationship

Most people say that handling relationships are easy, by just having good looks, common interests and the right attitude makes a perfect couple. But actually, it is not, instead it’s like a time bomb waiting to explode any moment that causes relationships to fail. Here are some tips that I wanted to share since this […]

LG G3 first impression and quick review

The 5-inch screen mobile devices are a “thing” today basically because it maximizes your viewing entertainment whether its watching movies or just playing your favorite mobile games and still feels comfortable when you hold it. The tipsgeeks got the chance to have a hands-on experience on what appears to be “one of the best” 5.5-inch […]

Taylor Swift at AMAs

Taylor Swift’s Performance at The American Music Awards (AMAs) : What do you think?

Loving the new Taylor Swift? It looks like the sweet Taylor Swift that we all know is already gone. After seeing her performed at the American Music Awards with her new hit single “Blank Space”, and (just a quick tip) if you haven’t seen her Blank Space music video yet, I bet you must, to see […]