Huawei Nova 3: The Top 3 Reasons why I recommend this Smartphone

I normally receive questions such as; “hey! Is this phone worth the money?” “I’m still hesitant to buy this phone, is it really good?” “Isn’t it a bit expensive?” In this case, they were referring to Huawei’s Nova 3. So, let me share my Top 3 response to them. The Huawei Nova 3 became available […]

The Kirin 980: Unleashing the Potential of Smartphone Ingenuity

Modern smartphones and tablets are undoubtedly the peaks of consumer technology, combining a dizzying array of functionality that more or less fits in the pocket. The figurative brain behind all the things we’ve come to take for granted – mobile photography, media consumption, real-time navigation, etc. – resides in a tiny chip inside every device […]

Huawei Nova 3 now available for pre-order!

Huawei once again pushed the envelope of mobile technology by announcing the arrival of HUAWEI nova 3 in the Philippines. Starting tomorrow, August 4, the HUAWEI nova 3 is up for pre-order! Pre-order now and get a free premium Bluetooth speaker for PHP 25,990.   The Nova 3 will be formally available in the Philippines […]