Taylor Swift at AMAs

Taylor Swift’s Performance at The American Music Awards (AMAs) : What do you think?

Loving the new Taylor Swift? It looks like the sweet Taylor Swift that we all know is already gone. After seeing her performed at the American Music Awards with her new hit single “Blank Space”, and (just a quick tip) if you haven’t seen her Blank Space music video yet, I bet you must, to see […]

‘Pan’ Movie 2015 Official Trailer released!

Another way-back Wednesday folks, Warner Bros. just released their upcoming movie ‘Pan’ in which it tells the story about the beginnings of our beloved fairytale character, it also features Hugh Jackman as the Blackbeard and wait, Captain Hook and Peter Pan were actually friends? Whatever their story is, we can’t wait to see this! Check out the […]

List of upcoming movies for 2015!

Alright movie geeks, are you all excited to see the upcoming movies for year 2015? are your favorites included in the list? Every end of the year I always want to search the upcoming movies next year so that I have an idea on what to expect. In my opinion, 2012 and 2013 had the most good released movies and for 2014, not so.

TipsGeeks Movie Guide to 2015!

Here are the list of the upcoming movies:

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Cinderella 2015 movie trailer officially released!

After watching couple of movies this past few weeks I tend to feel a little frustrated about a movie trailer that shows a crystal shoe twinkling for a few seconds and made me think that they’re going to make Cinderella but all of a sudden it gets cut-off. Now I can finally breathe because the whole trailer of this upcoming fairy-tale is out. Check it out below.

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Georgina Wilson gets an advice from Tyra Banks

Last November 7, Georgina Wilson announced that she is going to be the next host for Asia’s next top model and being part of the show alone is already a huge achievement for the 28-year old British-Filipina, but then an unexpected advice from Tyra Banks came up that left Georgina surprised. The Asia’s Next Top […]