Globe’s GB to Points promo is back for 917 #GDayEveryday celebration

In line with Globe’s celebration of its 917 Day, Globe and TM customers once again have the option to convert their unused data to Globe Rewards points from September 15 to 30, 2021.   917 is Globe’s original and iconic prefix. Celebrated every September 17, this year’s festivities are focused on making its customers experience […]

15 worthwhile causes to support using Globe Rewards

Globe Rewards now has 15 non-government organizations, charitable institutions, and foundations in its program roster, making it quick and easy for Globe and TM subscribers to provide meaningful support to worthwhile causes at this time of great need.   “We know that our Filipino bayanihan spirit is even more alive now as many continue to […]

Wild Rift fans get elevated 5G experience with new Globe RiotGO promos

Gone are the days when you may get anxious for not having enough data to play Wild Rift or feel left out for lacking Blue Motes or White Cores to buy your favorite Wild Rift champions.   With new game-changing offerings from Globe and Riot Games Southeast Asia made more exciting by an elevated 5G […]

SIM swap scam: Don’t be the next victim

You may have heard or read about fraud modus involving what is called a “SIM swap scam” and thought, how can this happen exactly?  A SIM swap is the last step to be carried out by the scammers in order to take over an individual’s financial accounts, be it banking, trading or credit cards.     […]