Here’s why the SAMSUNG Galaxy A52s 5G is 2021’s go-to smartphone for content creation

In the past, aspiring photographers and content creators had to spend tens of thousands to get a decent camera that can take professional-quality photos. Samsung changed the game with the Galaxy A Series, a portfolio of smartphones loaded with awesome camera features at affordable prices. Its latest offering is the Galaxy A52s 5G, already poised […]

The SAMSUNG Galaxy A52s 5G is today’s must-have smartphone for every creator and gamer

Samsung’s Galaxy A Series has become the first choice of smartphones for gamers and content creators who want flagship-like specs at mid-range prices. Its latest device, the Galaxy A52s 5G, is packed with best-in-segment features that elevate gaming and content creation, proving that anyone can speed up their awesome!   The Galaxy A52s 5G brings […]

SAMSUNG shares why the Galaxy A52s 5G is the BEST gaming device in the market yet

Two things are important for gamers: skill and speed. A player may be the best but if the device can’t keep up with the game, he or she is bound to lose. Samsung is giving the ultimate playing experience with the Galaxy A52s 5G, currently the best gaming smartphone in the midrange segment.   Samsung’s […]

Make gaming more awesome with the Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G, powered by an enhanced Snapdragon processor

Get ready as Samsung brings gaming and content creation to a whole new level with the launch of the Galaxy A52s 5G this October. The new device is powered by the Snapdragon 778G 5G processor, dubbed as the “ultimate multimedia triple threat.”   Samsung’s latest smartphone promises fully immersive gameplay with realistic graphics, accelerated AI […]

Awesome gaming and streaming: here are things the new Galaxy A Series smartphones can do

Samsung proves that anyone can have an awesome smartphone experience with the Galaxy A Series. The family of devices is packed with best-in-segment features that are perfect for almost any activity, all at affordable prices.    This year, two new additions to the Galaxy A Series continue Samsung’s streak of providing innovations for all. Below […]

SAMSUNG welcomes Donny Pangilinan as the newest Galaxy A Series Ambassador

Samsung officially welcomes Donny Pangilinan into #TeamGalaxy as he becomes the newest ambassador of the Galaxy A Series. Pangilinan captures the innovative spirit of Samsung’s lineup, which brings out the confidence of content creators as they show off their awesome passions and interests to the world. As a creator, he brings authenticity to his content, […]

Speed up your Awesome with the new SAMSUNG Galaxy A52s 5G

In 2019, the Philippines recorded 43 million gamers, who spent $572 million on games with 74% of that number played on mobile devices. To meet the demands of the growing mobile gaming community, Samsung introduces the Galaxy A52s 5G, a smartphone designed to meet the needs of discerning players and content creators.    Gamers and […]