Globe partners with foodpanda for G Music Fest & G Legends Cup

As 917 celebrations continue for the month of September, Globe is partnering with foodpanda to indulge their customers with exclusive treats, discounts, and prizes at Globe’s G Legends Cup Finals on September 22 and G Music Fest this September 25 and 26.    In line with its 917 GDay celebration and as a way of […]

Ropali, foodpanda continues to recognize and reward top-performing riders

As Foodpanda continues to engage its customers and riders alike, the June edition for its monthly incentive program, Panda Quest, was made more rewarding thanks to Ropali. The commitment and effort of the community’s top-performing riders were highlighted for the month especially as the community remains number one in Asia Pacific.  From L-R: Neil Everett […]

Foodpanda campaigns for a safer and more protected service through community vaccination

Recently, Foodpanda riders were given the opportunity to sign up for their free vaccination slots thanks to the Taguig City Vaccination Drive. As the best shield against COVID-19, being vaccinated is important for them as essential frontline workers that give the best service possible to customers. From L-R: Jao Manahan, foodpanda Operations Manager – Rider […]

Viral Lady Biker’s bike gets stolen, receives new e-bike from foodpanda and Bmart

As frontliners, foodpanda riders conquer challenges that not most people can. Because of their bravery and dedication, people express their utmost gratitude for the service that these riders provide. Whether or not they work hard for their families or are just passionate about serving others, foodpanda riders continue to make the community better. However, with […]

Motortrade, foodpanda rewards high performing riders

As foodpanda continues to be number one in APAC for the service that they provide, Panda Quest, a monthly incentive program for riders, endeavors to recognize the top-performing riders for the said month as a show of appreciation and gratitude for their contribution in the company’s success. That said, Panda Quest’s May edition was made […]

Cebuana and foodpanda partners to provide rider insurance

Being on the road all the time, the safety and security of the riders should be ensured and prioritized. With that, foodpanda partners with Cebuana Lhuillier to be able to provide mandatory insurance for the fleet. Foodpanda Operations Manager Jao Manahan and Cebuana Lhuillier Operations Department Head Maria Theresa Castillo during the contract signing The […]

Foodpanda and Ropali partners, providing riders an easier way to attain their own unit

Jao Manahan, Operations Manager of Foodpanda, and Mr. Neil Everett Elpusan, Sales and Marketing Head of Ropali Motorcycles during the contract signing in Ropali Classics Pasig  Starting the new year on a promising note, Foodpanda PH and Ropali Motorcycles signed a partnership agreement to enable the riders to finance their motorcycles through a loan.  The […]

Magniningning mga Ka-Panda’ more than just a song

Magniningning mga Ka-Panda’ more than just a song Operations Manager for Community and Communications, Jao Manahan, with Road  Rockstars and The Panda Nation foodpanda riders during the shoot of the ‘Magniningning mga Ka-Panda’ music video  The season of Christmas is deeply ingrained in the culture of Filipinos, signifying joy and hope, which is needed more […]