Sony Announces the Availability of the New Noise Cancelling 1000X Sony Family

1000x family

The new 1000x Sony Family features wireless headphones with noise cancellation technology. These three (3) new devices are divided in different form factors: wireless in-earbuds, around-the-neck style and wireless headphones. Using the new “Sony | Headphones Connect” app with the new 1000X headphone series allows for more flexibility in customising how users want the headphones to adjust to their surroundings. The […]

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QCY-Q29 Pro Wireless Earphones Review

QCY Q29 Pro

Smartwatches and wireless earphones were dubbed as the next thing ever since Apple killed the earphone jack with their iPhone 7/7 Plus. Many have thought that wired earphones will soon to be obsolete, the only thing is, wireless earphones are still considered new to the market, they often come in hefty prices. Fortunately, the QCY-Q29  Pro wireless earbuds are surprisingly […]

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