Lenovo EdVision Summit pushes for change to fully realize the modern classroom

The EdVision Summit that gathers leaders in the education technology industry, such as Lenovo and its partner Microsoft, along with members of the academe in the region to discuss best practices for the modern classroom, was successfully held on March 24th. Twenty-four speakers from seven markets, including the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, […]

Employee innovations save Globe US$6.7 million, reduce processing time by 80% using Google AppSheet

Employees often have many ideas to make their jobs more efficient, making it beneficial for enterprises to nurture a culture of innovation in the workforce. Citizen Development is one of Globe’s employee engagement strategies that bring out innovation and support for high-potential initiatives that result in better ways of doing business.   The digital solutions […]

Alibaba Ranked the World’s Third Largest IaaS Provider for the Fourth Consecutive Year

For the fourth year in a row, Alibaba is ranked as the third largest Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider in the world and the biggest in Asia Pacific in 2021 by revenue. The latest Gartner® report, Market Share: IT Services, 2021, showed Alibaba’s global market share expanded to 9.55%, while in Asia Pacific the company has achieved […]

Huawei: Digital Innovation Never Stop for a Greener Intelligent World

Huawei plans to boost investment in innovation to build new products, to enhance and accelerate new technologies. The company held its 19th annual Global Analyst Summit in Shenzhen from April 26 to 27.   Ken Hu, Huawei’s Rotating Chairman, speaking at HAS 2022   For more than 30 years, Huawei have been innovating nonstop to […]

m360 exec maps out communication landscape at CEO Summit

Faster digital adoption has led to a “seismic shift” in the way people communicate and consume information, an executive of Application-to-Person (A2P) messaging platform m360 said at a summit of business leaders held in April.    At the CEO Summit 2022 in Baguio City, m360 COO Ramon Hirang led a discussion on the theme “Generation-less […]

Retail Reimagined: How Technology is Changing the Retail Game

The conversations about how the pandemic has changed the way retailers do their business continue, especially since retailers still face significant shifts amid the ‘never normal.’   In a virtual event, ‘Retail Reimagined: How Technology Changes the Game of Retail in 2022,’ hosted last January by the Philippine Retailers Association (PRA) and co-presented by SAP SE (NYSE: […]

TeamViewer opens regional headquarter in Singapore to accelerate digital transformation across the APAC region

TeamViewer, a global leading provider of remote connectivity and workplace digitalization solutions, opened its Asia Pacific regional headquarters office in Singapore today.    At an opening ceremony presided by Oliver Steil, TeamViewer’s Chief Executive Officer, and Sojung Lee, President for TeamViewer Asia Pacific, the company presented the strategic goals it is pursuing in the region. […]

Five Tech Trends that will Shape Businesses in 2022

Over the last two years, organizations of different sizes and industries have realized, even more, the critical role technology and innovation play in business and society. The latest developments in technology provided more ways to ensure more connected enterprises, enabling them to survive and thrive amid the ‘never normal.’   However, these advancements in technology […]

Huawei 2021 Annual Report: Solid operations, investing in the future

Huawei released its 2021 Annual Report on March 28th, revealing that the company had maintained solid operations throughout the past year. As per the report, Huawei achieved CNY636.8 billion in revenue in 2021, and CNY113.7 billion in net profits, an increase of 75.9% year-on-year. The company’s R&D expenditure reached CNY142.7 billion in 2021, representing 22.4% […]

Further Together: PLDT Enterprise vows to cultivate stronger business relationships thru technology

PLDT Enterprise—the B2B arm of the largest fully integrated telecommunications company in the Philippines PLDT—has reinforced its commitment to forge stronger relationships and better collaborations with more businesses. Through its world-class services and innovative solutions, it aims to benefit more customers to enable them to grow further and reach new heights.   FVP & Head […]