New TwitterTrends Report unveils three conversation themes that are important to Filipinos

Billions of conversations take place on Twitter everyday which makes it the go-to platform for Filipinos to see and be part of #WhatsHappening in real-time. From breaking news, local entertainment, to various topics of interests; Filipinos on Twitter meaningfully connect and converse with each other that eventually help shape the Philippines’ culture and what’s next […]

Filipinos cheers for entertainment on Twitter in 2021

2021 was an exciting year for entertainment, even if people still mostly stay at home. People stay glued on their screens to watch global and local blockbusters such as #SquidGame and #HesIntoHer, down to jamming along to their favourite K-Pop and P-Pop tunes. Whatever form of entertainment they enjoy, people across Southeast Asia made sure […]

#SaferInternetDay: 7 Tips to help create a safer experience on Twitter

Twitter’s purpose is to serve the public conversation. In alignment with this year’s Safer Internet Day theme, Together for a better internet, Twitter is calling upon people to join together to make the Internet a safer and better place for all, especially for young people. In the last year, Twitter has made expansions on their […]

Enter the unfiltered and unedited world of GenZ conversations on Twitter

Youthful and outspoken are just some of the words to describe the new generation or what is more known as Gen Z. This demographic also lives the digital lifestyle, making the most of their time online to pursue their interests and passions.   Gen Z is the voice of the new generation on Twitter—and their […]