Majestic Dinosaurs Join The Fun In Chimeraland’s Jurassic Era – Dinosaur Attack Update

Level Infinite announced today that the Chimeraland Jurassic Era – Dinosaur Attack update is now available for the free-to-play open-world sandbox adventure game.   This new update adds several new noble dinosaurs to Chimeraland, including the Grand Yungang Dragon, Noble Jindipelta, Noble Brontosaur, Noble Spinosaur, and Noble Tyrannosaur.    Travellers can capture these magnificent creatures […]

Chimeraland Is A Hit With Southeast Asia New MMO delivers amazing gameplay and experience to players in all areas

Chimeraland, the new and vast open-world fantasy game published by Level Infinite, has seen a favourable reception in the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand.    Filipino players have flocked to both the PC and Mobile (iOS/Android) platforms of the game since the January 6 launch. Extra servers […]

Level Infinite’s Open-World MMO Chimeraland Invites Southeast Asia Players To Embrace Mythology

Level Infinite has officially launched Chimeraland, a massively multiplayer online game, in Southeast Asia for players in the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand on PC, iOS and Android devices.   Inspired by the major source of Eastern mythology, Classic of Mountains and Seas, mythical figures, cultures, and ethnic peoples of the ancient world helped […]

Learn the Features and Gameplay of Chimeraland, Get Ready to Experience a World Full of Creativity and Imagination

Chimeraland, the newest open world MMO (massively multiplayer online) game developed by Level Infinite, will be released in early 2022. Since the start of the game’s pre-registration on December 16, Chimeraland managed to get 300,000 registrants in 10 days. The game will be available on various platforms from PC, Android and iOS.   Giving each […]

Chimeraland Pre-Registration Event Kicks Off, First Trailer Revealed! The Boundless Fantasy Universe of Chimeraland is About to Open

CHIMERALAND – A Boundless Universe of Fantasy Awaits You. Chimeraland, a vast new open-world massively multiplayer online (MMO) game, is now open for both mobile and PC gamers to pre-register their interest. Gamers who pre-register at from December 16 onwards, can ensure they are fully informed of game developments and have the first glimpse […]