Huawei P10 Plus Review: The Best Dual Camera Smartphone Today?

2017 was projected to be the year of dual camera smartphones as the technology for mobile photography tends to change due to limited space in compact devices. Because of this, manufacturers went to a different approach in making the image quality better, dual cams. Basically the two cameras have different use and specifications, the main camera’s role […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Review: Flagship of the Year 2015?

I’m such a huge Galaxy Note fan and ever since the release of the Note 2, I’m always updated with its upgrades and reviews. The S-Pen redefined its category and I’m quite sure there is no other smartphones with stylus “or even just a smartphone” can beat the Galaxy Note 5. Why? Checkout our 1-month […]

Quick Camera Shootout: Zenfone 2 vs iPhone 6 fight!

Hey Guys, as you know Zenfone 2 has been quite created a huge buzz here in the Philippines and it shook up the smartphone business because of it affordability and the features that it has (yup, it is the World’s First 4GB RAM Smartphone). So we tried to have the Zenfone 2 compared to the […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPhone 6 Quick Camera Comparison

One of the cool things that most people look into before buying a smartphone is the camera, let’s face it we love to take pictures through our phones so that we can post it on our social media accounts.So I decided to do something during the holidays and compared 2 awesome smartphones in terms of […]