New Expansion Scholomance Academy™ Now Live!

Class Is in Session for Hearthstone® Players—New Expansion Scholomance AcademyTM Now Live! Arcane higher education awaits in the new expansion for Blizzard Entertainment’s hit digital card game, including 135 new cards bursting with magical potential MANILA, August 7, 2020 — Idle undergrads and students of the arcane can celebrate today’s opening of Scholomance Academy™, the titular […]

Catch the card reveal of Hearthstone Scholomance Academy

Catch the exclusive Philippine card reveal of Hearthstone new Scholomance Academy on July 29 Tune in for a global exclusive with Kabayan caster and player ExcelsorPH Manila, July 29, 2020 — Hearthstone’s latest expansion Scholomance Academy, debuts on August 7. It features 135 brand new cards, including 40 Dual Class Cards. The Hearthstone card reveal season kicked off […]

Hearthstone is kicking off card reveal season for Scholomance Academy, launching August 7

It’s almost time to begin your pursuits of academic excellence! From today until July 30, Hearthstone will launch its card reveal season for Scholomance Academy – culminating in a final card reveal livestream on July 30 at 1:00 a.m. PHT time over at! Scholomance Academy, the latest Hearthstone expansion, including 135 brand new cards, […]

Enrollment in Scholomance AcademyTM Begins Early August!

MANILA, Philippines—July 15, 2020— Class will officially be in session early August with the arrival of Scholomance AcademyTM, the next expansion for Blizzard Entertainment’s smash-hit digital card game HearthstoneTM. Within the hallowed halls of this fabled college of magic, Students will encounter 135 all-new cards, designed to supercharge the game with sorcerous synergies and dazzling displays of arcane splendor.  […]