QCY-Q29 Pro Wireless Earphones Review

Smartwatches and wireless earphones were dubbed as the next thing ever since Apple killed the earphone jack with their iPhone 7/7 Plus. Many have thought that wired earphones will soon to be obsolete, the only thing is, wireless earphones are still considered new to the market, they often come in hefty prices. Fortunately, the QCY-Q29  Pro wireless earbuds are surprisingly affordable for the price of just Php1,329.

QCY-Q29 Pro Wireless Earphones Review

it comes in a little nifty brown box, contents are the wireless earphones that is attached inside its charging dock, a warranty card, micro USB cable, instruction manual and spare earbuds.

The design is quite straightforward, no gimmicky designs and it felt solid overall. Although the QCY-Q29 Pro feels a little bit large when its attached to my ears, I didn’t felt that it would fall off my ears while walking and even while doing some exercise.

QCY Q29 Pro

Setting this QCY-Q29 Pro is quite tricky, you have to take note that the right earpiece should always be the first one to be connected in your smartphone, but before doing that, you need to pair the Left and Right piece first. You can do this via long press on both of them and wait for the prompt that says it is paired successfully. You only need to this once. After this, you need to turn on the right earpiece before the other one when using it. Refer to the instruction manual for a more detailed setup.

QCY Q29 Pro

Battery life is decent, the 43mAh that powers it up is enough to last 1 day through casual use, you need to bring the charging dock all the time especially when you use it in voice calls and during long trips. You’ll only get around 4-5 hours so don’t forget that charging dock! Speaking of the dock, it will give you around 3-4 recharge cycle on your QCY-Q29 Pro and it requires at least an hour to be fully-charged again.

Sound quality is okay, bass is quite good for its price-point but in return, it lacks loudness when I play rock or RnB songs. Fortunately, using it in phone calls are good but when while you’re outside you might get a hard time hearing your friend from the other end.

Overall, the QCY-Q29 Pro is a well-built wireless earbuds at an affordable price, yes there may be flaws but its basic functions: music playback and voice calls are good enough to compensate for what it lacks and at P1,329, this is already a steal.




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