At BlizzConline™, the Overwatch® 2: Behind the Scenes featurette gave players a look at the ongoing development of Overwatch 2 and how the game has evolved since its unveiling at BlizzCon® 2019. Here are just a few highlights:   A first look at some new locations players will travel to in the upcoming sequel, including […]

World of Warcraft® Burning Crusade Classic™ Beckons Players Back Through the Dark Portal

Beyond the Dark Portal in the shattered realm of Outland, the armies of the demonic Burning Legion prepare for an invasion that threatens the entire world of Azeroth. Later this year, World of Warcraft® players will return to the fel-scarred ruin of Hellfire Peninsula to stop the incursion at its source; rediscover what lurks below […]

Hearthstone® Soars into the Year of the Gryphon

Hearthstone® will soar into a new era in the coming weeks with the start of the Year of the Gryphon, which is set to introduce large-scale changes, hundreds of new cards, and bring thrilling new ways to play. The Year of the Gryphon will lift off with its first new expansion Forged in the Barrens™, […]

Blizzard Entertainment Celebrates 30 Years with Its Global Community—and New Adventures Soon to Come—at BlizzConline™

Blizzard Entertainment today kicked off BlizzConline™, a fully virtual version of its perennial community and gaming celebration, with a slew of news and game announcements for a global online audience of fans and enthusiasts tuning in FREE via www.blizzcon.com.   During the event’s just-concluded opening ceremony, company president J. Allen Brack and development leaders for […]

Introducing the Core Set and Classic Format to Hearthstone

Well met! Major changes for Hearthstone are on the horizon! Alongside the set rotation coming with our next expansion, Hearthstone will introduce the new Core Set and move the old Basic and Classic sets to Wild! INTRODUCING THE CORE SET After set rotation this year, Standard will include card sets from Year of the Phoenix […]

Smart powers M2 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang World Championship

The world’s biggest Mobile Legends tournament launches this January The search for the world’s best Mobile Legends: Bang Bang team begins this January in the M2 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang World Championship powered by mobile services provider Smart Communications, Inc. Twelve teams from 9 countries will converge at the Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore for a […]

We’re off to the Hearthstone Darkmoon Races!

Well met, adventurer!   Fasten your seatbelts, and keep all limbs (and tentacles) inside your vehicle at all times! The fastest, most dangerous competition in Azeroth — The Darkmoon Races – is almost here! DARKMOON RACES MINI-SET (January 22) Celebrate the Year of the Phoenix with returning card mechanics from Ashes of Outland, Scholomance Academy, […]

Top 5 Games that support up to 90Hz Refresh Rate

One of the best features of a gaming smartphone is a high refresh rate display. It allows games to run at higher frames per second to give you a better and seamless gaming experience. In this article, we played on the ROG Phone to find the best games that support up to 90 Hz refresh […]