‘Escape from Naraka’ is RTX ON! Small Indie Developer has Loaded their New Game with Next-Gen NVIDIA RTX Technology

Today, Escape from Naraka launched with real-time ray tracing and NVIDIA DLSS. The game is a first-person platformer from Indonesia’s Xelo Games, a small indie developer, and published by Headup Games. Escape From Naraka is loaded with ray tracing effects, including RTX Global Illumination (RTXGI), ray-traced shadows, and ray-traced reflections. To bump frame rates up the game also supports DLSS.

Escape from Naraka is a stunning example of what a small team of indie developers can achieve with the many gaming technologies NVIDIA makes freely available to game developers. It also demonstrates the ease that developers can add complex technologies to their games with the right tools and support.

Gamers playing on GeForce RTX GPUs can enable NVIDIA DLSS in the game to achieve up to a 2X performance boost at max settings at 4K while maintaining image quality that is very close to native resolution. At 4K without DLSS, no NVIDIA GPU delivers 60 FPS when ray tracing is on, settings are maxed at 4K. With DLSS, GeForce 3070 GPUs and above become 4K GPUs, delivering 60+ FPS with ray tracing on. 

At 1440p the news is just as exciting, because DLSS takes just about every NVIDIA GPU right to the edge of the 60 FPS goal.

Gamers playing on a 1080p display can crank the settings to max and forget about it, as every GeForce RTX GPU delivers well above a 60 FPS experience.

With both DLSS and ray tracing, GeForce RTX players are getting an Escape from Naraka experience that is second to none – with stunning ray-traced shadows, reflections, and RTX Global Illumination along with blazing fast frame rates without sacrificing image quality thanks to DLSS.


DLSS boosts frame rates and generates beautiful, sharp images for your games. It provides the performance headroom to maximise quality settings and increase output resolution. Only DLSS offers big performance gains while keeping image quality comparable to native across all resolutions, even at 1080p.   


Supportive quote

“Adding NVIDIA DLSS to the game was fast and easy with the UE4 plugin, providing our players maximum performance as they take on all the challenges Escape From Naraka has to offer.”  Yosua Bayu S, Developer – XeloGames


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