Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Review

You’ve probably heard that Samsung has launched their most powerful Samsung devices to date – the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 & Note 10+ that is and you’ve probably been wondering if it is worth the upgrade. Maybe for some? Read on to our in-depth review of the Galaxy Note 10 and find out the answer for yourself.



Full Specifications

Note 10 Note 10+
Display 159.4mm (6.3″ full rectangle) / 158.2mm (6.2″ rounded corners) 171.6mm (6.8″ full rectangle) / 170.5mm (6.7″ rounded corners)
2280 x 1080 (19:9 ratio, Full HD+) 3040 x 1440 (19:9 ratio, Quad HD+)
Dynamic Display Dynamic Display
Processor Exynos 9825 Octa-Core @ 2.7 GHz Exynos 9825 Octa-Core @ 2.7 GHz
GPU Mali G76 Mali G76
Memory 8 GB 12 GB
Storage 256 GB 256 GB
SD Card No Up to 1 TB
Camera 12 MP + 16 MP + 12 MP Rear Camera (OIS) 12 MP + 16 MP + 12 MP Rear Camera (OIS)
10 MP Front Facing Camera 10 MP Front Facing Camera
UHD 4K (3840 x 2160) @ 60 fps UHD 4K (3840 x 2160) @ 60 fps
DepthVision Camera
Operating System Android 9.0 out of the box Android 9.0 out of the box
Fingerprint Sensor On-screen Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner On-screen Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner
Face Unlock Yes Yes
Size 151mm x 71.8mm x 7.9 162.3mm x 77.2mm x 7.9mm
Weight 168g 196g
Battery 3500 mAh 4300 mAh
S-Pen Yes Yes




With a dimension of 151mm x 71.8mm (Note 10 – HxW), the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 may look big for your hands but it is actually compact and sleek which feels just right! It is also a bit smaller than its predecessor but actually equipped with a larger viewing screen at 6.3 inch. That’s an overall 90.9 screen-to-body ratio. Thanks to Samsung’s take on bezel less displays wherein they removed the chin at the top and bottom of the device. Of course this also gives you a punch hole (Infinity-O) where the front-facing camera seats in. Quite off for some but you’ll eventually get used to it.




Few hardware buttons have been removed in today’s Galaxy Note devices such as the dedicated fingerprint scanner at the back which now seats under the LCD.


It may sound crazy but Samsung actually removed the power button as well! Or let’s say the button’s function changes while the device is turned off, awake, or in sleep. While turned off, it serves as the usual button to power up the device. While turned on, it serves as the wake and sleep button. Holding it down for a few seconds will wake Bixby Voice, while pressing the button twice will open Bixby. Now you’re wondering, how do you turn turn off your Galaxy Note 10? There’s an added power button in the pull-down notifications tray from which you can turn off the device, restart, turn on/off your mobile data, toggle emergency mode, and even set the functions for the side key (Bixby key).

TIP: Screen freezing is very common in every Android devices and the lack of a dedicated physical power button might become a problem in the future, so setting the side key as the power button might save you from this problem – hard reset your phone every time it decides to become unresponsive.

Another one, while not a physical button, is the 3.5mm headphone jack! You can get a Type-C to 3.5mm jack dongle if you prefer to use a different brand of headphone rather than the included Type-C AKG earphones.

Overall, I still prefer the design from its predecessor specially at the back where the camera module is positioned symmetrically. The lack of a dedicated power button is okay since you can still customize the side key. But losing the 3.5mm jack is quite a set back specially to those who believes that the performance produced while listening with wired earphones is different from that of wireless. I hope Samsung will think of it and probably bring back the technology that has been proven effective for decades.




The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 & Note 10+ are without a doubt the beasts when it comes to multitasking. Thanks to its 8 GB/12 GB of RAM and Exynos 9825 chipset that makes everything as fluid as it should be. Samsung has also partnered with Microsoft this time to bring ease in continuing your task from your PC to your Note 10 or vice versa – anytime, anywhere. Of course it couldn’t be called a Galaxy Note if it doesn’t have an S-Pen. Now improved, there are a lot of things and gestures that you can do using the S-Pen and we are going to share that later on.

When it comes to gaming, the Galaxy Note 10 performs good in almost every game that we played. Although, I am not really impressed at how Exynos chipsets handles gaming after 1 or 2 years of usage, I should say that if you are getting the Note 10 specifically for your gaming needs then you might want to re-evaluate your choices.



S-Pen Features

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There are a lot of gestures that you can perform with the S-Pen such as turning the volume up and down when in Spotify or Youtube. Swiping from left to right on certain apps. Using as a remote when taking photos. And of course, writing down notes in an app or even in every screen!

There’s this cool Augmented Reality feature as well where you can draw while recording a selfie or just doodle everywhere while you are recording. Take a look at our video below. 😀




The Galaxy Note 10 and the Note 10+ are both equipped with the same camera but the Note 10+ has an additional DepthVision Camera which is responsible in measuring the subject, perfect for aspiring interior designers or those who are just fond of measuring things using AR.

Take a look at our photos taken using our Galaxy Note 10.

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While here’s a photo using Live-Focus.

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The camera of the Note 10 Series are improved for those who want take photography to a whole new level. With the Live Focus & Live Focus Video, you can easily make your subject standout of the background. Unfortunately, we do not have a sample video using the Live Focus Video as we are having errors uploading the file. The performance at this time is quite good although it can still be improved through software updates in the future to create more accurate blur effect with out distorting the subject itself.




The Galaxy Note 10 is a powerful device and is best for corporate use and for multitasking. If you are coming from the Note 8 or later devices then I should say that it is worth the upgrade. But if you already have the Note 9, I should say that there are only few upgrades with the Note 10 and you might not really find its worth. Not unless you are up for the fancy doodling with the camera using the S-Pen, a photography enthusiast, or a fan who just always wanted to be updated with the latest Samsung devices, then that is a different story. With the current pricing of every flagship smartphones in the market, we should always think twice if the product will live up to your expectations.

The Galaxy Note 10 comes in Aura Glow and Aura Black and is priced at PHP 53,990 while the Galaxy Note 10+ comes in Aura Glow, Aura Black, and Aura White which is priced at PHP 60,990.

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