LAPTOP WITH 512GB NVME PCIEx4 for only ₱28,495?

It has become quite a standard that laptops from the entry level to the mid-range cost would only have either a 1TB HDD or a combination of a 1TB with either a 128GB m.2 SATA or 256GB m.2 SATA. Today, we have uncovered from a post by Gigahertz that Lenovo is changing that by bringing in an IDEAPAD S145-14IWL with a 512NVMe PCIex4 partnered with a Core i3-8145U.

This seems like something that was released a few weeks early as we tried to do a search on Google and only Gigahertz was popping out. Lenovo has made invites about the big reveal on September 18, 2019. Could they be creating a new line up with purely SSDs from Core i3 and up?

Lenovo has been greatly aggressive this 2019 eating up the market share of some of the biggest brands in the Philippines. The latest reveal was that Lenovo will be selling their laptops with free Microsoft Office and not just the 1-month trial but a lifetime access. What else does Lenovo and Legion have up their sleeves?

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