MSI GL63 8SD vs ASUS FX505DU – Which laptop has the upperhand in performance?

There have been a lot of buzz about the latest AMD Processors on desktop along with their latest AMD Radeon RX 5000 Series that the AMD Zen+ processors became almost negligible. Today we have MSI GL63 8SD vs ASUS FX505DU.

Launched at CES 2019 early this year, AMD promised better computing speeds versus the competing Core i5-8250u. Today, we have 2 top-tier entry level laptops battle it out.


MSI GL63 8SD vs FX505DU


Upon opening almost any laptop, we are always greeted by numerous updates and pre-installed bloatware. Luckily, ASUS has kept all that under wrap with their ASUS GiftBox while MSI still has Norton, Evernote, PhotoDirector8 for MSI, and PowerDirector for MSI pre-installed. All of which we wouldn’t personally use on a daily basis and would just take up unnecessary space.

Configuration is one way to sway an end-user’s vote to buy gaming laptop. ASUS definitely takes this one as they have a 256GB WD m.2 NVMe with a 1TB SSHD while the MSI only came with a 256GB WD M.2 NVMe. Which brings us to question, what games are we supposed to play with a 256GB internal drive? This just adds cost instead of pre-installing with with additional storage.


3DMark Synthetic Benchmarks

*Due to the lack of RAM on the MSI GL63 8SD, we weren’t able to run both FireStrike Extreme and FireStrike Ultra. Nevertheless, MSI’s i5-8300H still showed dominance over ASUS’ Ryzen 7 3750H.

PCMark10 Synthetic Benchmarks

One the other hand,we check out the productivity benchmarks and MSI’s i5-8300H still dominates despite lacking in RAM vs ASUS FX505DU’s 8GB RAM.


Initially testing both laptops, we see that the 4GB RAM is not enough on the MSI GL63 even if both have the GTX 1660Ti.

Edit: We tested the MSI GL63 further and wanted to see how much better they can be by adding 4GB RAM. Here are the results:

After adding additional 4GB RAM on the MSI GL638SD, we see an increase in performance. As seen on our synthetic benchmarks, the Intel Core i5-8300H dominated, which could mean that the R7 3750H was possibly holding back the performance of the GPU.



The MSI GL63 8SD-460PH Red Backlit Keyboard w/ Silver Lining retails for P69,995.
The ASUS FX505DU-AL004T comes at the price of P71,995 inclusive of a free 8GB RAM upgrade.

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Final Thoughts

There are two side to every coin. Despite ASUS having a better advantage on paper, after running benchmarks, the MSI definitely fought it out despite not being geared well, in our opinion. The MSI GL63 8SD beat ASUS at every turn thanks to the Intel i5-8300H. Some of the quirks though are the scratchy laptop feet on the MSI GL63 and the the lack of RAM and storage. For a price difference of P3,000, it would definitely cost you a lot more to get an extra terabyte of storage as upgrade and additional RAM.

Upgrading the MSI GL63 8SD to match the configurations of the ASUS FX505DU will cost about P3,800 ( 1TB HDD+ 4GB RAM is P2,500 + P1,300 respectively),  which we believe would be a worthy upgrade as it supersedes the performance of the R7 3750H in the ASUS FX505DU.

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