AMD Radeon back on track with Radeon 5000 series!

After launching what seemed like an over-hyped AMD Radeon VII, AMD follows up with another punch at the high-end market, this time in the form of their newest 7nm Navi chip inside the Radeon 5000 series.

A lopsided market for graphics cards is definitely not good for enthusiasts. With Nvidia dominating the market with their Turing-based cards and steep prices, AMD knew they had to really compete with their next line of graphic cards.

There was nothing to be done. After all, Nvidia’s GeForce  RTX 2080Ti was  (and still is) currently the best option for 4K gaming. With the powerful grip on the high end market, Nvidia was able to flaunt their GeForce RTX 2070 and GeForce RTX 2060 vs AMD’s RX Vega 64 and Vega 56 across all benchmarks until now.


Starting with the Radeon VII having the PCIe 4.0, they have incorporated the same with the AMD Radeon 5000 Series. Coming out with a totally aluminum alloy shroud and backplate for the AMD Radeon 5700XT, while the AMD Radeon 5700 has a plain design without the backplate.



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Metro Last Light Redux was released August 2014 and still proves to be a great GPU benchmark

Metro is one of those game that is short, action-focused however linear. Metro Exodus is a story-driven first person shooter with deadly combat and stealth along with survival horror in one of the most immersive game worlds ever created.

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Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition was given a graphical upgrade when it was ported over from console with hardly any hint of the troubles during Final Fantasy XV’s original production and development.

Using the Final Fantasy XV standalone benchmark gives us a lengthy standardized sequence to utilize OCAT. Although, we based still used FRAPS to check the FPS the cards were able to produce.

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One of the most utilized AAA game for benchmarking graphic cards, GTA V is a veteran of past game suites that is definitely graphically demanding. Originally released for consoles, the PC port came with an overhaul of graphical enhancements and options.

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Ubisoft’s Far Cry series is about an armed militant cult in Montana, one of the many middles-of-nowhere in the United States. Far Cry 5 supports Vega-centric features with Rapid Packed Math and Shader Intrinsics. Far Cry 5 also supports HDR (HDR10, scRGB, and FreeSync 2).

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Pricing and Availability

AMD has released a game changing graphic card. This will definitely be a great alternative to Nvidia’s steep prices even with their recent release of the RTX Super.


AMD has pulled the right strings to get to where they are with the AMD Radeon 5000 series. Trouncing the competition with their latest top of the  line cards, AMD is setting a new direction and is definitely not giving up without a fight. Although we were unable to test the power draw, the previous image of AMD GPUs being too hot is now a myth with the Radeon 5700XT reaching a maximum of only 65c at full load and the Radeon 5700 at 55c. Based on our tests, the AMD Radeon is now the most price-to-performance worthy graphic card in the market. It was able to take anything we threw at it beating Nvidia’s RTX 2070 and RTX 2060 at every turn. Even at 4K resolution, AMD’s Radeon 5000 series did not back down. Now is without a doubt the best time to get an AMD Radeon Graphics Card.

The AMD Radeon 5000 Series is your next GPU upgrade!

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