Racers Unite! 2019 Tamiya Mini 4WD Asia Challenge

Tamiya Mini 4WD (also known as Let’s Go by some due to its anime adaptation) one of the well-received toys back in our childhood, is having a comeback in a form of a hobby as Tamiya, Inc. in partnership with The Brickyard recently concluded the 2019 Tamiya Mini 4WD Asia Challenge last June 23.


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The 4-day tournament which was held in Glorietta 2, Makati, was participated by racers from various countries including Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Brunei, Vietnam, Singapore, and of course Philippines. All participants have to race in a huge world-class 5-lane race track that was shipped from Japan and carefully assembled in Glorietta 2. Imagine the cost of shipping for each crate! The tournament follows the international rules and is being regulated by different officials. At the end, winners of each category will fly to Japan later this year to compete in the upcoming 2019 Tamiya 4WD Japan Cup.


Open Category Winners (June 23, 2019)

  • Champion – Melvin Bien Chavez (Philippines)
  • 1st runner up – Alvin John Linchangco (Philippines)
  • 2nd runner up – Darwin Basco (Philippines)
  • 3rd runner up – John Eleazar Fabian (Philippines)
  • 4th runner up – Huh Eunhwan (South Korea)


Stock Class Category Winners (June 22, 2019)

  • Champion – Jackraphan (Thailand)
  • 1st runner up – Ong Chee Lip (Malaysia)
  • 2nd runner up – Huttaprom (Thailand)
  • 3rd runner up – Mr. Watcharapong (Thailand)
  • 4th runner up – Arie Roque (Philippines)


Dominated by mostly Filipinos, this only shows that there are a lot of people who are still into this hobby despite the rise of the digital age wherein gadgets already became a part of our life, there are those who embrace what have already been a part of their childhood. To the winners, we hope them good luck in the upcoming Japan Cup.


On the other hand, a press conference has been held with Mr. Shunsaku Tamiya – Chairman & President of Tamiya Incorporated, Mr. Hironori Hane – Assistant General Manager for International Sales, and Mr. Ferdie Kahn – Proprietor of The Brickyard, wherein they answered most questions about the generation of the Tamiya products as well as its future.

“As of now we have two mainstream, one is the reality (Tamiya scale models) and the other is fantasy (Tamiya Mini 4WD) So far, we are not planning to create another animation” – referring to the 1996 Anime series, Let’s & Go.

When asked if they have plans to release their own video game, despite its popularity, the Tamiya group believes that building the Tamiya 4WD by hands is the most important thing to be learned by kids or anyone who wants to try the hobby. One can also find friends who you can connect and compete with while you are at it and that’s what makes this hobby really interesting.

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The Tamiya group also continuously study the improvement of each process of production of their model kits to ensure that the quality they are known for will be preserved. Not to mention that Tamiya is proudly made in Cebu Philippines.


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Lastly, a kit signing has been granted to all the participants of the press con from which we got out Gun Bluster XTO signed by Mr. Tamiya himself! Words cannot express how grateful we are to the Tamiya group for making our generation’s childhood wonderful and awesome!

Have you ever built a Tamiya before or are you in to this hobby? The Brickyard by Lil’s Hobby Center is going to open its second branch in Vertis North within the next few weeks! Visit the store or watch them out on their IG account @brickyardlhc for their new releases!

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