Predator Now ArkAngel’s Title Sponsor

Ultimate gaming hardware and electronics brand Predator will be the official Title Sponsor of one of the country’s top esports team for PUBG – ArkAngel. With just over a year old, the team has won the championship title of Predator League: PUBG Philippine Finals, placed 7th on the Asia Pacific Predator League in Thailand, and ranked 5th as the Best South East Asia team for PUBG.

“We are overwhelmed by the support of Predator not only for ArkAngel but also for the entire Filipino gaming community,” said ArkAngel co-founder Danry Milag. The team members — DanIo “Mad Dog” Noya, Christian Joy “Ceejay18” Estrella, Yves “Killa” Navarro, Kirk Robin “Momonjii” Amable and Mark Christian “Unexpected_” Dedal— all veteran gamers amped up with the sponsorship.

The team is thrilled to be working with Predator especially after finishing strongly in their last tournament, a winning partnership that can look forward to a good year for real.

“We’re a team that’s just a year old so we’re really excited about this sponsorship. Personally, monitors have always been Predator. It’s really the best in gaming electronics,” said 19-year-old Mad Dog, ArkAngel team captain.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is an online multiplayer battle royale game developed and published by PUBG Corp., a subsidiary of South Korean video game company Bluehole. Unlike other eSports, PUBG has higher hardware specifications.

“Many Internet cafes here don’t offer PUBG because their hardware capacity cannot handle it,” said Killa.

Milag shared that PUBG made ArkAngel famous as members who are very different from each other somehow has kept it together and has been working well and strong together.

Mad Dog is the youngest and the leader. He is dedicated and hardworking. Milag said he is mature for his age. Killa is loyal and quiet. “His heart is in ArkAngel,” said Milag. Ceejay18 loves McDonald’s delivery and is a very skilled and intuitive player. Momonjii is a tactician and an all-around excellent player himself. Finally, Unexpected_ is a thinker whose intelligence is shown in the way he plays.

“Predator is very proud to sponsor the country’s top PUBG team. We’ve always believed ArkAngel would be a worthy addition to the Predator family,” said Predator Sales and Marketing Director Sue Ong Lim.

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