ROG Phone Accessories Review

What really made the ROG Phone shine among other “gaming smartphone” is not only because of its ultimate performance but mainly because of how ASUS decided to invent a whole ecosystem of accessories for it. The big question is, do you really need them? Scroll down and find out the answer!



The Aero Active Cooler is already included in every ROG Phone. It is attached at the back of the phone to help dissipate the heat. It is an essential accessory since the ROG Phone is powered by a 2.96 GHz speed binned Snapdragon 845 CPU. This means that graphics intensive games will generate heat in prolonged usage. While this is normal, it is still better to be ready and have the Aero Active Cooler with you at all times. Does the Aero Active Cooler help improve the performance of the ROG Phone? Find out here.



Who doesn’t need protection for their premium smartphone? None! That’s why the ROG Team made one specifically for the ROG Phone and it comes in the box if you pre-ordered the phone, unfortunately for others who haven’t, they get nothing. But don’t worry, there are lots of 3rd party makers of protective case for the ROG Phone out there. The original case can be disassembled into 3 parts, 2 that covers the upper and bottom part and 1 for the back panel. It can be attached on the ROG Phone semi-permanently with the pre-installed adhesives then remove the back panel if you want to attach the Aero Active Cooler. This is helpful in decreasing the heat while also adding extra protection to the sides of the ROG Phone.



Part of being a mobile gamer is looking for a compatible gamepad for your android device. Usually, we go for iPega controllers or other available gamepads that become popular lately. Others go for clickers called L1-R1 that acts like L1 and R1 on a Play Station controller. This could have caught ASUS’ attention so they partnered with Gamevice to create a gamepad solely for the ROG Phone use. It is connected through the Type C port at the bottom of the ROG Phone and it acts like every 3rd party gamepads wherein you can map the keys the way you want them. In certain games like Real Racing 3, where gamepads are supported, there is no need to map the keys, you just plug & play!



The TwinView Dock is perfect for those who want to use the ROG Phone for streaming. It has a secondary screen that allows you to open another app like Twitch or other streaming platforms. If you are going to ask if is another smartphone integrated into the TwinView dock, the answer is it isn’t. It’s just a screen that gets its power from the ROG Phone itself. It’s like the native multiscreen feature of Android but on a separate screen. Frame rates are lowered as well when using the TwinView Dock. So, do you need it? Probably not, but for gamers who made streaming as their profession, then maybe yes.



This lets you turn the ROG Phone into a working desktop. There are various ports on the Desktop dock such as USB 3.0 for your gaming keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals, there is also an HMDI port that supports 4k monitors, of course, a 3.5mm jack for your gaming headset, and Ethernet port for LAN connectivity.



An accessory perfect for your TV! It allows you to cast whatever game you are playing on the ROG Phone right to your Television. Is it the same as Chromecast and other similar devices? Technically yes, but the WiGig display dock is much faster using 802.11ad wireless technology to deliver a faster wireless mirroring and smoother gaming experience. Games will run at 60Hz though, quite a setback but not that of a big deal.



It acts as an additional dongle for the ROG Phone which allows you to connect to a USB 3.0 and an HDMI output. This is a perfect on-the-go accessory for people who do a lot of presentations. Just connect a projector through the Professional Dock then you’re good to go.



Of course, you get all of these accessories (excluding the Aero Active Cooler) in one package and it is placed in premium ROG Suitcase. Cool isn’t it? Are you getting the ROG Phone with the full ecosystem of accessories? Did this article helped you decide? Let us know in the comments!

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