Ideal Valentine’s Day gift for your gamer partner

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you probably looking for the best gift to give your loved one. Of course there will be a dinner date and maybe a few surprises like a bouquet of flower, chocolates, and for others, a love letter. But if your partner is a gamer, then you might want to consider other gifts that will suffice his/her gaming needs. In this article, we are going to enumerate some of the ideal gifts that your gamer partner will surely appreciate. 

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1. THE GAME THAT HE/SHE HAVE BEEN LONGING FOR – as a long time partner you should know by now the genres that he likes to play the most. It could be RPG, Action RPG, FPS, Strategy, Etc. Of course you should also know the platform where he/she plays. It could be on PC, Console, or mobile. Once figured out, you can choose on a variety of newly released games such as Resident Evil 2 which will give him/her a nostalgic feel as this is a remake of the renowned PS1 game. You can also check out the sequel of the Dark Seeker saga – the Kingdom Hearts III. Or maybe wait until Jump Force is released on February 15. Which ever is your choice, assure to you that he/she will appreciate it. (Cost: Php 1,500 ~Php 3,500)


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2. PINK PERIPHERALS – There’s a wide variety of peripherals that you can choose from for your gamer partner. A brand new headset or an RGB keyboard will surely make him/her happy. More so if you give him/her new Pink themed peripherals like the one from ROG, Zowie, or Razer. Nope, those Pink themed peripherals aren’t made solely for women, but also for men! Trust us, there’s something in those peripherals that men are also attracted to it. Additionally, the color of the year is pink! Relevant, right? (Cost: Php 5,000 ~Php 10,000)


3. NEW GRAPHICS CARDS – Helping your partner upgrade his/her gaming experience with these new graphics cards! PC Hub offers a wide variety of discount for Galax Graphics cards. You can check their Facebook page for more info. (Cost: Php 7,000 ~Php 12,000)


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4. BRAND NEW GAMING SET-UP – If you have enough budget, why not give your partner upgraded or brand new gaming set up? There is an ongoing Valentines promotion for PS4 bundles where you can avail it starting at only Php 14,995 ~ Php 20,995. There is also one from MSI for their GF63. Or you can also check the brand new line up of RTX powered laptops offered by ROG. (Cost: Php 15,000 ~Php 150,000)

Now, do you have anything in mind for your loved one? Let us know in the comments section!

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