HyperX Cloud Earbuds Review

HyperX is always known for providing top-of-the line gaming parts and accesories, they continued to expand their presence across the globe and just recently in the United States they were recognized as the “Best Gaming Headset” due to their sales and customer feedback which further cements their reputation as one of the leading brands in this category.

They catered to every types of gamers, from PC to console and even to handheld mobile device with the recent announcement of HyperX Cloud Earbuds. For me it was quite odd since I always knew that headphones were used more often. The question now is, how is this different compared to other regular earphones? Read on below for our review.


HyperX Cloud earbuds

One thing you’ll notice is they sticked with their brand design with striking black and red color with flattened cables to minimize wire tangles. They made it looked simple without the flashy designs which I personally loved since I can use it casually when I’m not playing.

HyperX Cloud earbuds

As I stated before, the design is quite odd with removable rubbery tips covering each of the earbuds which by the way comes in small, medium and large sizes depending on your ear comfort. Surprisingly it fits in my ear perfectly. Another good point is that, my ear doesn’t fill itchy or awkwardly uncomfortable when playing games for a long time, I think this is what it sets apart to other regular earphones.

HyperX Cloud earbuds

Looking down is the button that controls playback and for answering phone calls, its a bit disappointing that they didn’t put in the volume controls as well since it will also come in handy while playing games right?

HyperX Cloud earbuds


For the price of just Php 2,990, the HyperX Earbuds is actually pretty great. Bass quality is decent enough to hear gunshots and explosion or just enjoy sound-tripping with it. However, don’t expect too much on pinpointing your opponent based on what you hear during game play as sometimes it exaggerates the loudness and bass of all the elements during in-game.

Lastly, the microphone quality did better than I expected. My voice were crystal clear when talking to my friends on discord and voice calls. HyperX really did a great job on highlighting the needs of gamers and not on gimmicky looks and features.


The HyperX Cloud Earbuds shows that earphones can do well as an alternative to the usual headphones, it might not be as good as it but for the price of Php2,990 it is without a doubt, a solid pair of earbuds for gaming junkies.


  • Great value
  • Decent microphone quality for voice calls and game shot-calling
  • Bass quality


  • Absence of volume controls
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