Facebook brings gradient colors to their standalone Messenger app

Did you receive an update notification for your Facebook Messenger a few days ago? Check it now as you are probably one of the lucky users who got to test out Facebook’s new update on their standalone Messenger app.

The new update allows you to change the color of a chat window including the chat bubbles into a gradient color. Additionally, all available emojis have been added as well so you can now set your favorite one for each chat. Currently, the update only includes five choices as shown in the screenshot below.

The update also changes the overall UI of the messenger which according to some, is similar to iOS’ design.

we believe this is still in beta test as we asked a few friends and not all of them got the update notification. However, the changes have already been implemented for Facebook web view.

To change the color, simply . .

  1. Open a chat window you wish to change the color.
  2. Tap the thumbnail photo of the person / group chat.
  3. On the “color” tab, choose your preferred gradient color.

The selected color will automatically apply.

Note: If you do not receive an update from the Play Store, don’t worry as this might still be in beta and the update is server-side implemented. Meaning it may or may not need an update from the Play Store to be through the app.

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