MSI GP63 Leopard 8RE : Cool 6-Core Gaming!

MSI GP63 Leopard 8RE: Cool 6-Core Gaming!

Gaming laptops are becoming a more accessory for people on the go. Rather than getting one for work and another for your gaming, people have opted for something that can do both. Due to the increase in GPUs, getting a laptop seemed more reasonable.


The one that we got pairs the mid-range GEFORCE ® GTX  1060 graphics with Intel’s new hexa-core Coffee Lake-H CPU. Although, the one we got was DOS-Based and we had to install our own Windows 10. In the process we upgraded a hardware like the SSD, HDD and RAM.


Our review laptop pairs mid-range GTX 1060 graphics with Intel’s new hexa-core Coffee Lake-H CPU. This is, at least on paper, a strong performer. The laptop is not all about power though. It managed to do with style using various RGB lighting effects both on the exterior and keyboard.

Left Side Panel

On the left side panel, you will find an audio and microphone input, USB Type-C Gen 2, HDMI 1.4 port, USB input (3.1), an RJ45 port and a mini-DisplayPort port. Towards the rear, you also find a large exhaust vent.

Left side Panel
Left Side Panel

Right Side Panel


On the right side, the power input, 2 x USB ports (3.1) and an SD card input. To the rear, like the left-side, you will also find a large exhaust vent.

Right Side Panel
Right Side Panel

The rear of the laptop

The cooling is definitely outstanding in this design as expected of MSI. The number of vents is between 8 to 10 and of course, there are stands that have been built to pretty much make sure that the laptop does not cover the underside vents when sitting flat. Definitely, a smart choice by MSI as it gives the GP63 more airflow and lower temperatures.

Rear Panel
Rear Panel

The underside of the laptop

The underside itself though is quite hard to remove as you would have to take out 11 screws just to get into the hardware for upgrades. Luckily, we were able to spot the screw under the “Factory seal” before we ripped the back panel off. Just look at that glorious cooling system! The plastic panel itself is very soft flexes at the slight push which could cause problems if something heavy was to be placed on it.

Inside MSI GP63
Inside MSI GP63

Input Devices



As with the GP62, MSI decided to include their SteelSeries RGB Gaming Keyboard with full-color backlighting. From our time with the GP63, the key travel is more than adequate and has good tactile keys. The visibility standout because of the “Exclusive Silver Lining Printed keys”, as MSI calls them.


Thanks to the i7-8550H in combination with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060, primary 512 GB SSD and 24 GB of RAM, the MSI GP63 Leopard has worked pretty well for us. We did run it on Dota 2 Ultra settings and we had a pretty smooth game with the CPU and  GPU maxing out at 70 degrees without air conditioning in the area.

We tried the same with Overwatch and we achieved similar temps at 60 FPS.

Overwatch on MSI GP63
Overwatch on MSI GP63

MSI Dragon Center

With the setup, MSI includes the Dragon Center 2.0 which gives you system monitoring and tuning capabilities, an LED wizard for the RGB lights, gaming mode with auto-tune, voice wizard, mobile connection center and a section for the tools and help. The transparency can be a little distracting and cannot be adjusted.

Dragon Center MSI GP63
Dragon Center MSI GP63

Driver Install

The laptop did not come with any Windows Edition on it but luckily MSI was able to provide a one-click option to install all the updated drivers.

One-Click MSI GP63


 – Latest 8th Gen. Intel® Core™ i7-8750H processor @2.20ghz
 – Latest GeForce® GTX 1060 6B GDDR5 with desktop level performance
 – Dos Based
 – 256 GB M.2 SSD
 – 1 TB HDD 7200
 – 8GB RAM 2466mHz
 – 15.6″ Full HD (1920×1080)
 – RGB Gaming Keyboard by SteelSeries with full-color backlighting
 – Exclusive Silver Lining Printed keys
 – 5X bigger Upgraded Giant Speakers and sound captivating realism
 – Elegant brushed aluminum alloy design, creating an ideal fusion of aesthetics and performance  
 – Exclusive Cooler Boost 5 Technology  
 – Dragon Center 2.0
 – Nahimic 3 Audio Technology delivering 360⁰ immersive audio experience  
 – Upgraded Killer Gigabit LAN Controller + Killer Shield + 802.11 ac
 – Matrix Display supporting 4K output up to 2 external monitors


All in all, the MSI GP63 has been quite handy with the time it has been with us. Aside from gaming, the laptop is very capable of rendering fast speeds thanks to the hexa-core processor of Intel 8th Generation. The quality of the chassis still is a bit disappointing. On the good side of things, MSI has done well in integrating the USB 3 but we hope they would be bringing in the Thunderbolt 3 USB-C as the next upgrade.
The addition of the 120 Hz TN display is bright with still very acceptable viewing angles. The durability of the thermals is what MSI is known for and the improved cooling system which now features seven heat pipes is exquisite. Though the temperatures have gone up to about 70 degrees, I think we could have avoided it with the Ultra boost settings of the fan. With this, we will give the MSI GP63 a TipsGeeks’ B+!
B Plus Award


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