SONY BRAVIA launches 2018 OLED and LED TV Series

SONY BRAVIA has officially launched the new SONY BRAVIA OLED A8F in the Philippines.


Alongside the 8 million OLED pixels, it gives a unique 4K HDR picture because of its X1 Extreme processor. The processor is in charge of controlling the more than just the pixels that make up the display, it has the ability for OLED pixels to shut completely off. This means that combined with the increased brightness provided by the HDR, the display’s contrast should be incredible. The TV also features Dolby Vision, an HDR technology that allows for adjusting brightness on a scene-by-scene or even frame-by-frame basis.


A unique feature of the A8F Bravia OLED TV is the Acoustic Surface technology. SONY’s technology utilizes small transducers that vibrate the actual screen instead of using standard speakers turning it into a speaker itself, with a subwoofer mounted behind the TV for low frequencies. This worked surprisingly well on last year’s A1E, and Sony says it has been hard at work making it sound even better for this year’s model.

LED 4K HDR TV Series

Other models that were launched alongside the  SONY BRAVIA OLED A8F series are the X9000F series, X8500F series, X8300F series, X7500F series, and X7007F series.

Aside from the A8F, these models also have the latest technologies that SONY has to offer; with the X1 Extreme processor able to deliver maximum picture quality, the X-Motion Clarity™ that resolves the issues of motion blur in larger screen TVs. The larger 4K HDR LED screen televisions are also Sony Android TVs™.


Basing from SONY’s local website, it will be available in the 65″ version but the price has not been released.

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