Indonesia’s UniPin ventures into the Philippine Gaming Market

The Legends Begin Here

We had a chance to witness UniPin Online Game Voucher strengthen its presence in the Southeast Asian Gaming Market by venturing into the Philippines with its initial launch at HighGrounds Cafe

CEO of UniPin, Mr. Ashadi Ang, believes that the Philippines is a great place to start it’s venture because of the vast growth and potential the gamers here have. Demand in the online gaming market further geared them to develop and build the greatest gaming community for the region, particularly to provide a regional eSports platform for Philippine gamers.

To kick off the vision, they are setting up partnerships with local Philippine retailers, such as SM Cyberzone to organize eSport competitions across the nation. In addition,TNC Philippine Holdings Inc. is one of the distributors, of UniPin Online Game Voucher for the Philippine gaming market.

“A vision, a dream to merge the gamers experiences in Southeast Asian countries, even though sounds impossible, but with our experiences, commitments and high dedication, we are optimistic to make our dream come true,” said Mr. Ashadi Ang.


With the numerous game titles they hold, UniPin is committed to creating the greatest online gaming community in the Southeast Asia region, by embarking with the Philippines, through its international-class flagship and favourite products such as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, PUBG, Dota 2, League of Legends, Nexon Karm Koin and other games.

Mr. Ang also announced a collaboration with SM Cyberzone for a nationwide eSports tournament starting June 2018. The winners will be flown to Jakarta to compete with other Southeast Asian countries that UniPin is planning to venture into like Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, etc, which will take place around October 2018.

UniPin will slowly provide comprehensive payment channels via local companies such as 7-eleven, Globe, Smart, Dragon Pay, TNC Cybercafe, Sm Dept/Supermarket, Bayad Center, Axiapedia, Globe G-Cash & BPI Bank.

You can directly visit the Unipin website to test it out

Signing up is pretty easy to do as you can link your Facebook accounts or create one via an email address.

The payment options have all been laid out and for games like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, you get more out of what you pay for compared to buying from the game itself.



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