ASUS Announces the New Zenfone 5 Series!

Yes it might cause some confusion but ASUS actually unveiled its 5th generation of the fan-favorite Zenfones during an excusive media event in Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona, Spain. What makes these new smartphones from ASUS special is that it is now equipped with Artificial Intelligence technology and near-borderless screen display, not to mention up to four cameras altogether!

There are three new variants of Zenfone 5 introduced: the entry-level Zenfone 5 Lite, Mid-range competitor Zenfone 5 and the flagship Zenfone 5Z.

The Zenfone 5Z is equipped with Snapdragon 845 CPU with Qualcomm Artificial Intelligence Engine, featuring a 6GB RAM, 64GB of internal storage and 19:9 all-screen displays with a little notch that is less obvious compared to iPhone X

zenfone 5z

zenfone 5

ZenFone 5 Lite is a stylish 6-inch smartphone featuring the world’s first globally-announced true quad-camera system with fully independent high-resolution and wide-angle cameras at both front and rear.

zenfone 5 lite

zenfone 5 lite
“We embarked on the ZenFone project four years ago with the idea to create empowering luxury for everyone to enjoy,” said Mr. Shen. “Today, the ZenFone 5 Series is the most intelligent ZenFone series ever, utilizing advanced AI algorithms and big-data analytics to provide users with a unique slate of intelligent camera, communication and convenience features.”

Joining Mr. Shen on-stage for the announcement, Qualcomm President Cristiano Amon commented:

“We are excited to continue to work with ASUS to bring the latest advancements in mobile to consumers with the ZenFone 5 Series. Powered by powerful Snapdragon Mobile Platforms, ZenFone 5Z (Snapdragon 845 with the AIE) and ZenFone 5 (Snapdragon 636) will support superior user experiences that include dual cameras and artificial intelligence.”

Market Availability

The generation of Intelligent Smartphones is said to be available in the Philippine within the second quarter of the year. For more information on this and all other incredible product from ASUS, follow ASUS Philippines on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages, and the ZenTalk forum for more updates.

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