Samsung Gear Sport (2017) Full Review

Smartwatches comes in various colors, shapes and sizes. All we know off they are just smartwatches that gives you digital time scale just like in the 90’s but in reality it is not just any kind of wearable that you think of. Since then that the watches has evolved to a lot of iterations from a normal watch that you normally use or even playing certain games and even having calculators during the mid 90’s to early 2000’s it was a such a huge hit

As holiday season is here and new starting a new year in preparation this summer in the next quarter. Wearables are key factors to start the year right for newbies and seasoned traveller alike and realizing that smartwatches are also part of the gear list due to its flexible capabilities,For starters this Samsung Smartwatch equipped with fitness tracker to make a count of how far you walked and steps you made in a day certain hour making it more organized. The Gear sport makes much of the most flexible health focused smartwatches in this price range.

samsung gear sport



Dual Core (1.0GHz)


4GB + 768MB


Tizen OS 3.0




Accl, Gyro Sensor, Barometer, HRM, Ambient Light


BT4.2, Wi-Fi(802.11 b/g/n), GPS/Glonass, NFC

Water Resistant

5ATM / 50 meters


UA, Spotify Offline, Speedo


Compatible with any 20mm watch band

Dimensions : 42.9 x 44.6 x 11.6 mm

Weight : 67g (with strap) / 50g (without strap)


1.2” 360 x 360 Super AMOLED Full color AOD, Gorilla Glass 3


Brand Partnerships

Samsung collaborates with few companies in launching the Gear Sport for branding.

Underarmor joins the Gear Sport Launch with an exclusive content of apps. It was said that the live mapping of your run will be recorded via My Run feature, now an exclusive only to Gear Sport. Spotify is also included on this partnership for the music services. While having the thirst for your personal dose of running experience.

Making a personal research found out also that Speedo is also the first wearable and exclusive to Gear Sport in terms of swimming it can record and store your personal data that can actually give you a complete idea regarding your swimming activity everytime making your personal lap.



samsung gear sport

Samsung gear watch hasn’t changed in terms of design since Gear 2 and the design itself has perfected and continues until this day making it distinguishable as Samsung Gear. The watch itself gives a lot of design similarity with the Gear 3 but in a lower price point and well made. Catering certain individuals as starting smartwatch and perfectly looks good to the wrist and smaller than the Gear S3. Making it more compact and lowkey watch which is a personal preference.  

Seemingly like the Gear S3, the rotating bezel with grooves that signifies feature of the Samsung Gear 3 watch that provides subtle tactile feedback that is similar to a divers watch. But there are now indents to provide information in terms of seconds on the clock. Instead, the front bezel is free of any distinguishable markings providing low key approach.

samsung gear sport

Since day one, The Bezel is the most highlighted feature on the Gear Sport and it give the best navigation for a smartwatch market. A little turn or tug or even a small push is all needed to make it move and looks easier to use than the Gear S3’s bezel and seemingly firmer slightly. Using the touchscreen and the rotating bezel gives the simplistic way to navigate the Tizen OS Experience.

The gear sport comes with a silicon strap inside the box (Depending on your purchase. Black or Blue for instance) but there are a lot of straps that are available as long as you keep your sample strap for reference. Making it more flexible and customizable if you wish to use it on certain occasions giving you more stylish experience. Provided that you are using the 20mm watch band / strap compatibility.



samsung gear sport
samsung gear sport charging dock

Unlike its sibling the Gear S3, The gear sport is completely designed to be your fitness assistant. While it may possess features that make the Samsung Gear S3 a smartwatch and Samsung takes a way few things to make the Gear Sport a more affordable watch.

Removing the features from Gear S3 doesnt deter from the experience of the Gear Sport much. For example, the Gear Sport comes with Samsung Pay and only works via terminals with NFC enabled. The Gear S3 and Samsung’s Smartphones also come with MST Technology, that allows payments without contact even at the terminals.

The Gear S3 International Protection Rating or IP67 for dust and water resistance to 1 Meter for up to 30mins. Meanwhile the Gear Sport comes 5 ATM Support instead which allowing you to swim up to 50 meters underwater. Gear Sport takes you to the next level than the Gear S3 alone.

Featuring inside is a 1.2” 360 x 360 pixel Super AMOLED display on top of which is a Gorilla Glass 3 making the view better via outdoors in direct sunlight. Sporting with a 768MB RAM, 4GB of Internal Storage, 1 GHz Processor providing lightning fast experience. Connectivity options and Wide range of sensors also make it onboard, including bluetooth 4.2, WiFi, NFC, a Barometer, Heart Rate-Monitor, Ambient light monitor to adjust automatically the brightness based on the conditions.


Gear Experience:

samsung gear sport
Samsung Gear Sport watch faces

Since we received a demo display unit but assuming that is the basic stuff inside it. But out of the box, there are dedicated several widgets showing your stats in terms of fitness. From your calories counter with a gentle reminder of yesterday’s calories status so you can actually compare to your floor counter, step counter and heart rate, There are various ways to check your stats at a squint.

One particular widget is useful is the workout screen that allows you setting your trackers for walking, running, cycling and swimming with just a couple of taps. Automatic Workout tracker is useful but sometimes it can mistakenly mark your fast walk or brisk walk as running. The positive about the widget is simple and ensuring that you are accurately tracking your various routines throughout the day.

Tons of other widgets available online, showing a dedicated screen for your samsung health info (steps, exercise and sleep) a counter showing how many cups of water you consumed and other challenges that you can make and also a leaderboard that you can put up that is similar to an overwatch match of pure competitiveness with your fitness friends.


Designed completely affordable for the Fitness Junkies with the combined Gear Ecosystem to a bigger audience, The Gear sport mostly delivers the right application for whole segment. Rather making a half baked fitness capabilities to a smart watch. Indeed, Samsung deliberately made the fitness device that fits a lot of features to everyone especially the commuting user.


  • Balanced Pricing
  • Combination of Fitness Workouts
  • Customizable in terms of Watch bands and Clock Faces
  • Prompt Notification Push
  • Controls are Indeed Tactile



  • Tons of Updates Literally
  • Battery Life that is somewhat short for 2 days. Initially 1 day due to Tizen OS Bugs
  • Needs more accessories in protecting the screen.



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