ASUSPRO P5430 Review

Commercial notebooks may seem different with the others but it does have unique features that would make it a better option especially for those who wants a sturdy laptop and won’t be changing to a new model in the next 2 to 3 years.


We take a quick look at ASUSPRO’s P5430, it packs an Intel Skylake core i7 ULV processor, GT930MX GPU 8GB of RAM and a fast 512GB of SATA SSD.


The design and build of the the ASUSPRO P5430 is pretty much the same as the other commercial notebooks, its entire body is built with metallic chassis for that premium finish. At front you can see its 14-inch Full HD screen with a webcam, a perfectly placed chiclet keyboard but doesn’t light up which is a letdown for me. Surprisingly, if there is one thing that I like with this laptop is its keyboard, It isn’t that shallow compared to others which makes it very comfortable to type on. It somewhat reminds me of a gaming laptop actually. Next we see its fingerprint scanner located at the lower right hand corner and the everything is pretty much the same. Overall, its a decent-looking laptop with all the basic needs that you need for everyday work.


In terms of ports, the ASUSPRO P5430 has the most of it but lacks a very important HDMI port, on the left side you’ll see two (2) USB 3s, one (1) display port, one (1) VGA and one (1) USB Type-C and on the right side is where you can locate the Kensington lock, RJ45 LAN port, a USB 2.0, a memory card reader and a 3.5 mm audio jack.




The touch pad is accurate with all sides of it have no dead zones and didn’t show any inaccuracies at all, the downside though is that it doesn’t have windows 10 gestures, I tried enabling it but unfortunately due to time constraint I decided to just deal with it.

The speakers are okay but not loud enough for sound tripping, they sacrificed the loudness for a better audio quality which I believe is a better move if ASUS are stucked between those two choices.

Its display has a 14-inch Full HD resolution, its not an IPS but it does give decent image and video quality. We’re a bit concern about it since this is a kind of notebook that is positioned for work-related stuff and IPS panels are one of the main requirements especially for those who are into content creation.

Performance-wise, don’t expect too much on the ASUSPRO P5430. Games that can be played are just the old ones and will suffer with lags if you try playing the latest games with it. The GPU was designed for multimedia editing and for less demanding games.

The ASUSPRO P5430 is a complete laptop for professionals, yes it may lack some of the important stuff but durability and longevity-wise, this is a good choice.


  • Great build
  • Chiclet keyboard is very comfortable to type on
  • Battery life is above average


  • Poor sound quality
  • No HDMI port
  • Keyboard doesn’t light up

B Plus Award

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