BIXBY is Finally Available in the Philippines [with Demo]

Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus just got a whole lot better when they enabled the A.I. voice assistant “Bixby” in the Philippines. Many were disappointed during the launch of the S8 as Bixby was still unavailable due to delayed development. But the wait is totally worth it as the AI voice assistant packs a lot of cool new features.


Bixby Update on my Samsung S8

Setting it up is actually pretty interesting, at first it asks you a “voice password” to unlock your phone. After that it lets you read a couple of sentences so that it will learn and adapt to your voice, accent and pronunciation.

Teach Bixby

You can teach Bixby your pronunciation to understand you better

It has over 3000+ commands and surprisingly accurate!

3000 commands to choose from

3000 commands to choose from

Other Bixby commands

Other Bixby commands



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