ACER is the First Brand to Sell 8th Gen Laptops in the Philippines

After the launch of Intel’s newest generation of mobile CPUs, people are now eager to check the upcoming 8th Gen-powered device because of its features, primarily its improved performance. According to Intel, the Kaby-Lake refreshed processors are now up to 30% better compared to its previous generation. With that being said, the performance leap was really high considering the 7th Gen (Kaby Lake) was only 10-12% better than the 6th Gen (Skylake).

ACER is very fortunate to be the very first brand to sell the Kaby-Lake refreshed laptops in the Philippines. According to our source, these 2 new LEAKED variants sports Intel’s new quad core U-series processors paired with NVIDIA MX150.

With the addition of 2 cores and low-powered GPU, this is now going to be the new standard for those who wanted an editing/casual gaming laptop at a mid- range price.

Here are the LEAKED specs:

Availability will be next week in authorized re-sellers starting in Metro Manila and soon to other parts of the Philippines.

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