Easy Steps on How to Transfer your PayPal Funds to your GCash Account!

Nowadays, there is a lot of Filipinos who prefers freelance jobs over corporate work mainly because of the traffic and time flexibility and I’m proud to admit I’m one of them. For about 3 years now I can say that I am fortunate enough to have this as my work because it really helped me to save money and time and also it allows me to do other things besides my job..

So the question is… How or where do freelancers get paid or receive their salary from their clients? Well, the most popular way is by using PayPalIt is the fastest and the safest way to receive money and you can also use it to make an online payment or send money.

To withdraw your funds or money from PayPal, you can either transfer it to your bank account or credit card for P250.00 or $5.00 transaction fee. Sometimes, it takes up to 4-5 or 5-7 business days to complete the transaction so you should always withdraw in advance to avoid conflicts with your payment dues.

There’s another option or a better way to withdraw your money/funds from your PayPal account and that is through Globe GCash with no transaction fee and it cuts down the traditional cash-out periods from banks to just within 24 hours.

Right now, I’m going to show you how to transfer PayPal funds to GCash account in these easy step-by-step process:

1.)  First,  you need to register to GCash. Just go to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, search for the GCash App, and install:

Android:  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.globe.gcash.android&hl=en iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/ph/app/gcash/id520020791?mt=8

2.) Upon completion, go to your GCash App and Link your PayPal account first as shown by the image:

Note: You must be a verified GCash user before being able to link your PayPal account to your GCash account. To do this, visit a Globe Store with a valid gov’t ID and do the Know Your Customer verification. It will just take moments, and it’s free!

3.) Put in your email that is associated with your PayPal account:

4.)  Check your email first for the confirmation then login to your PayPal account.

6.) In your PayPal account click on the gear image on the top right hand side.

7.) And then go to Payments and select Manage pre-approved payments

8.) Select the preapproved payment plans 

9 .) To check if your linked PayPal account is approved or not, select the pre-approved payments

Image below shows that the linking of your PayPal account to GCash is approved

Transferring money from Paypal to your GCash Account

1.) Go to your GCash App and select CASH-IN

2.) Choose between 2 currencies, here we have the option of Philippine Peso and US Dollar

3.) Enter desired amount.

4.) Confirm your final amount

5.) Upon completion you will receive an SMS from 2882 regarding your fund transfer, after this you may check your GCash App to double check your CURRENT BALANCE in your GCash account.

Your PayPal Account receipt

Now, it’s easy for you to transfer your money from Paypal and withdraw it from ATMs using Globe GCash MasterCard. (Note: GCash MasterCard withdrawals at ATMs: PHP 20 per transaction.)

By also using Globe GCash MasterCard, you can shop online, book flight tickets, buy games, and ride the LRT/MRT without any hassle.

Get a GCash MasterCard from Globe’s GCash Caravans! Just Visit: http://www.globe.com.ph/gcash/products-and- services/gcash-mastercard

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2 thoughts on “Easy Steps on How to Transfer your PayPal Funds to your GCash Account!


    (April 24, 2018 - 8:31 pm)

    If i cash in choosing usd as currency, do i withdraw dollars or is it automatically converted to phil peso?


      (June 5, 2018 - 9:32 pm)

      when you try to cash-in in USD via Paypal in GCash your money will be automatically converted to Phil. Peso

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