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Without a doubt, ASUS Republic Of Gamers is one of the leading brands in the gaming PC industry today, from the cheapest Pascal GPU-powered notebook to a jaw-dropping 370k gaming beast, ROG has it all covered. We see the trend slowly transitioned because of the new architecture of Intel processors (skylake) and NVIDIA graphics card (pascal) which now mended the bridge between mobile gaming and desktop gaming performance.

Right now we’re going to review a familiar ROG notebook that has been here for a while and it still packs a punch because of its new internals. The G752VS is a 17.3-inch 4K gaming laptop armed with the latest NVIDIA Pascal GTX1070 graphics card paired with Intel’s Skylake high performance quad core i7 processor. Read on below our review:

Design and build wise, it does present the same look that other previous ROG devices has. The lid is made up of brushed aluminum with the ROG emblem that lights when the notebook is in use. It is pretty heavy with a weight of 8.9 pounds, it is surely not advisable to carry this thing around unless you are a body builder or some sort although this is already expected since THIS IS a gaming notebook but at the end of the day I’d still prefer carrying this than a fully blown gaming desktop PC. At the back of the G752VS is where you can see its exhaust chambers that resembles a jet pack that breathes out the warm air every time you use heavy loaded applications. You should not block the back part of this device as it may result to overheating of the processor and we all know what happens after that.

The full size keyboard of the G752VS lights up and you can also tweak its brightness. Right just beneath the keyboard is the overly large resting pad that feels a little awkward at first since I used to carry around my ultrabook. Among the num pad buttons is a dedicated ROG button for instant access to the laptop’s performance settings. The ROG Gaming Center contains a lot of profile settings depending on how you will use the device, one of which is the overclocking of the whole system, you don’t have to go through the old-fashioned overclocking in the BIOS because with just a press of a button you can instantly make the processor run faster. Take note that you must always change it back to standard profile whenever putting it to sleep mode to preserve the battery of your laptop.

This gargantuan beast of a laptop has a 17.3-inch 4K IPS panel screen display, viewing angles are great even in direct sunlight. Although some colors are a bit over saturated, you can always adjust the screen settings anytime if you aren’t satisfied on the current set-up. Aside from gaming, watching my 4K movies here is an absolute delight, one thing I noticed is that its brightness is STILL a little bit too much EVEN when I adjusted it to its lowest point, I noticed this since I always love to work in dim areas.


In terms of gaming performance, the G752VS is without a doubt one of the best in business, it now comes with the latest Pascal-architecture graphics card, 8GB of powerful GDDR5 GTX 1070, you’ll probably scratching your head on its capabilities, it is said that it’s 15 percent faster than the older GTX 980! I tried playing Dark Souls III in MAX settings, as expected, I haven’t experienced any lags or even a single frame skip, average FPS is at 30 in 4K resolution. Here is a video of me playing with G752VS:

Here are the scores that we got from benchmark tests using 3DMark:

The G752VS is truly one of the best gaming notebooks out their and despite of its flaws, it still redeemed itself with its gaming capabilities and eye-catching design and aesthetics.



  • Top-notch gaming performance
  • Overclocking capability
  • Great 4K display


  • Poor battery life
  • Palm rest is too large
  • Some colors are a bit too saturated

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