Selfie Sinulog Experience with OPPO F1s

Sinulog is part of my bucket list and I’m fortunate enough that our blog got invited to cover and witness the grandest happening in Cebu.

Our trip was sponsored by OPPO Philippines and we used OPPO F1s smartphones to capture the priceless moments in Sinulog.

Selfie Sinulog Experience
At Mactan International Airport – Photo taken by OPPO F1s

Day 1:

The image above is our sign board at the airport, we were around 30 who got invited, most of us were into tech and lifestyle blogging. Upon arrival at Mactan International Airport, we headed straight to a restaurant to taste the best, mouth-watering Lechon Cebu and while we are gulping down the good stuff they conducted a short program to discuss the activities that will happen over the weekend.

Selfie Sinulog Experience
Ms. Ester Monteroso, PR of OPPO Philippines

After that we checked-in at Azia Suites (great hotel btw) to freshen up before going to the Metro City of Cebu.

Selfie Sinulog Experience
Two lovely kids at Magellan’s Cross – Photo taken by OPPO F1s

Our first stop was at the famous Magellan’s Cross and while touring around this historic place, these two lovely kids approached and asked me to have their photos taken by OPPO F1s.

At the Basilica Del Santo Niño church, I was amazed at how religious are the Cebuanos since they were one of the first Filipinos to embrace Christianity, just a piece of advice though, be mindful of your belongings as pickpockets are everywhere.

Selfie Sinulog Experience
Sample of a night selfie at Basilica Del Santo Niño church using OPPO F1s

We went to LIV Superclub to attend the Media Welcoming Party. The venue was full of booze and the DJs played the latest party tracks, so basically we partied all night long. Although this is my first time to be with these amazing people, I really had a lot of fun getting along with them. 🙂

Selfie Sinulog Experience
Low-light group selfie at LIV Superclub using OPPO F1s

Day 2

We had a blast last friday night and I have to admit partying in Cebu was on a different level! Next day we visited the Temple of Leah, this place was believed to be “A Tribute Of Love” by the father of the famous actress Ellen Adarna to his wife, Leah Villa Albino-Adarna. And as always, we took selfies and photos of the said place. The weather though was little bit rough, however we still managed to goof around with the Oppo mascot, Ollie.

Selfie Sinulog Experience
Daylight group selfie at Temple of Leah using OPPO F1s

Next stop was “Tops”, a place in Busay, Cebu where you can see a clear view of the city, although it was a little foggy during that time, we did enjoy each other’s company by taking “groufies” and socialize with the group.

Selfie Sinulog Experience
Sample of a daylight selfie at Tops using OPPO F1s

Capping off the day with lots of food and drinks during our dinner because we were advised that next day would be an exhausting one.

Day 3

Sunday is when the grand parade was held and you can see a lot of selfie sticks and cameras in the air taking photos and videos of the colorful floats and costumes, a lot of celebrities were present too. Being on that parade made me realized that “Hey, THIS IS SINULOG!” and the feeling was ecstatic when you hear a lot of people shouting and greeting you “Pit Senyor!” honestly, the vibe was different but overall, it was all fun.

Selfie Sinulog Experience

EPIC, that explains my whole Sinulog 2017 experience. And to end my article, here are some things that you need to be aware of before plunging into this wild yet unforgettable event. First things first, you should be well-rested. I work as a freelance web developer and my client is in the US and our flight is at 9am, my work shift is 9pm to 5am, so basically Ï HAD NO SLEEP AT ALL but for the sake of witnessing this once in a lifetime opportunity, I headed straight to the airport with my party-hat on. Second, you should travel light because most of the time you are outside in the streets partying non-stop 24/7 and yes, you read it right the people are rowdy and the streets are crowded so there is a huge chance you’ll get drunk and maybe forget some things you brought with you. And third, always bring loose change as taxi cabs are rare to find during Sinulog so you will stick to habal-habal to tour around the city, take note that tourist visits in Cebu are 10 times more than the usual so again, lots of party people are in the streets so you should have your own itinerary to maximize your Sinulog experience.

Checkout my pictures taken during Sinulog 2017, thanks Oppo!

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